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How To Turn PLR Content Into A Resell Product

Updated on December 26, 2008

Part 3: Choose A Title & Subtitle

In my previous Hubs I talked about some of the initial steps in creating a brand new resell product from your existing PLR content you have lying around gathering virtual dust on your hard drive.

The first couple of steps we covered were the 1: DECIDING ON YOUR TOPIC and 2: CREATING YOUR OUTLINE.

Just take a minute and get up to speed and head over to them and read them over. Hey - while you are there, drop a little comment in the box at the end of the Hub and let me know what you thought of it. Good - Bad - Indifferent?

Ok, enough of the blatant self promotion, back on course here..

So the next thing we need to do is decide on a Title and a Sub-Title.

"What the???"

"Shouldn't you have created the title and sub title before now?"

Well you might think so. But check this out and see if you would agree with me.

Writing the outline before the title gives you a bigger & brighter picture of what your product will really cover.

For example, if you want to write an eBook on Training Your Chow-Chow and you think up a title called “Your Obedient Chow” and a subtitle called “Your Chow Will No Longer Bite Everyone But You”

Then you create an outline and decide that with the plr content you have, the best content you can create is a... "Damm! Chows Are A One Person Dog And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It."

Yes this is a bit over the top (unless you have a Chow - then you know its true) but I think it illustrates the answer pretty good. Oh yea...and don't mess with your neighbors Chow.

Well you can see how the original title will no longer work. So instead of doing loads of research (or worse, make stuff up) to create content to match a title - Instead, create a title to match your content.

Remember, we are using PLR content here. We are letting some one else do all the hard stuff like research so all we have to do is put the pieces together.

Also by creating the outline first, you are able to see more clearly what you are providing for value, and then you will find it is easier to create a title that fits.

Create A Buzz With Your Title

Be sure and take the time needed to write your title so it, Ideally, reaches out and and grabs your readers attention as well as generates an interest and or curiosity in the topic your are writing about.

The Title is like the door to buying your product. If your 'door' is drab, plain and un-inviting, your potential buyer is likely to look at your door and keep moving on to the next offer down the street.

For Example:

The title “How to train your dog” just doesn’t trip my trigger and inspire me to grab for wallet.

On the other hand, “Do-It Yourself Chow Training, Tips And Techniques That Really Work” just has a lot more pizzazz and power in it.

Use action words and words that create an image in the reader’s mind. And create a slightly longer subtitle that explains your product in greater detail.


Our next step will be to figure out what format our product will be delivered in.

Decide On A Format

eBook - Audio - Video - Mixture Of The 3

For the sake of moving this along, we have already decided on our Chow Chow product to be in the form of an eBook. But we will take a look at a few of the various options anyway.

Depending on what the product is about, the content and the length all may play a part in what form it will take.

For example, you may want to write in an eBook form, certain training tips for your Chow and reinforce them by doing a short video showing those tips in action.

In addition to the video within an eBook, you may also insert an audio clip at a certain point to illustrate the way a particular command should be delivered to your Chow. Barbara Woodhouse would always say, in her high-pitched British accent.

Whether or not that ever really worked on the dogs or not, I don't know, but it sure left a lasting impression on me. I have not heard that or her in over 20 years yet i still remember it just as clear as if she is on TV right now.


Barbara Woodhose - Walkies

So that is a few different formats, Written in Ebook format, shown in Video format and heard in Audio Format.

In our examples we kinda mixed them together as well, which is by all means acceptable if you wish to do that.

Now that we have put together a pretty solid outline, chosen a title and sub-title and decided on which format or combination of formats we will use to deliver our product in, its time to start putting our puzzle together.

In the next Hub, we will begin to create our actual content.

If you have not yet read over the previous Hubs mentioned in the beginning of this one, then now would be a great time to do so and then you'll be caught up with the rest of us. And if you have an extra minute or three, could you leave me a comment on what you think of the Hub(s) so far?

Thank you so very much for hanging around and reading my Hubs - Have a great day!


Steve Dougherty

My First 2 Chows - Barron & Bennie 1

Bennie number 1 is on the left, He was 1 years old here And Barron - My first, was 11 years old. He passed 2 months after this picture.
Bennie number 1 is on the left, He was 1 years old here And Barron - My first, was 11 years old. He passed 2 months after this picture.

I know this Hub is not on Chows or Barbara Woodhouse...but the imaginary eBook we are putting together is. That & I like to show off my puppies as often as possible - Guilty As Charged! 


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