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Lasik Surgery San Diego

Updated on March 11, 2008

Wavefront Lasik Surgery (aka Bladeless Lasik)

When Lasik eye surgery was introduced years ago, people thought it was a risky and dangerous procedure. However, today, so many people are getting Lasik Surgery done including professional athletes, celebrities, and regular people. As the technology improves, and surgeons get more and more experience doing the procedure, success rates will only get higher and higher. Read on to learn more Lasik benefits, risks, costs, locations, surgeons, and technology, specific to the San Diego market.

The cost of Lasik San Diego has remained steady over the past few years. As with most technologies, the cost was high early, and has come down. However, Lasik Surgery cost San Diego hasn't gotten affordable enough for the masses because the technology involved is expensive, and new advances are continually coming out. So, the cost of Lasik eye surgery San Diego hovers aruond $1500 per eye on average. You may come across places that offer the procedure for $399 per eye, but be wary of these places. They have have strings attached. If your prescription is too high, you may not be eligible. Furthermore, the $399 may have some hidden fees, including evaluations, post operative appointments, medication, and other fees.

There is a new type of eye surgery available that doesn't use any traditional surgical blades. Rather, a different laser is used to create a flap in the cornea. This is bladeless aka Wavefront Lasik surgery. It is more expensive than traditional Lasik. Traditionally, the surgeon creates a flap in your cornea using a surgical knife, then uses a laser to reshape your cornea so that images focus at the back of your retina. With Wavefront Lasik, the surgeon uses a different laser to create the flap. First he takes a three dimensional image map of your eye to highlight the imperfections and shape. Then, after uploading that data into the computer, he programs the laser that will be creating the flap. This is also called custom Lasik sometimes.

There are several practicioners of Lasik Eye Surgery in San Diego, and Lasik Plus San Diego is one of the ones that has multiple locations across the county, including the Bay Area and beyond. Another major network of clinics is the Lasik Vision Institute San Diego. They offer a lifetime adjustment plan, in case you need adjustments from vision changes. It appears that Lasik vision correction San Diego is here to stay, as evidenced by the growing number of eye clinics that do this procedure. Most are anxious to help patients and are even willing to accept financing plans in case people cannot pay the entire fee up front. Companies such as CareCredit and CapitalOne have plans to help people break out the Lasik Cost San Diego into monthly payments, sometimes with no payments required for the first six months.

Lasik Surgery
Lasik Surgery


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      sandiegoseoexpert 6 years ago

      can you get lasik with astigmatism?