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Filipino Stores In San Diego

Updated on June 11, 2013

If you are new to San Diego, or a Filipino visiting your relatives here, I bet you would missed on how it is back in the Philippines. But another thing for sure that you would be missing once you got here are the Filipino foods.

But don't worry about on where to buy, where to find Filipino foods or where are the Philippine stores at. There's really good Filipino stores here on San Diego that you can visit to buy your pinoy foods. I'm guessing you were thinking, "do they have dried fish (tuyo )." or "bagoong " maybe?" Yes you can find them here. And I'd say anything you can think of would be available too, just like in the Philippines.

So here's my list of all Filipino or Philippine stores that I know of in San Diego area.

Seafood City Super Market


My top pick would be Seafood City. You can find most Philippine products here from produce, meat and fish section, to canned goods and snack items. (Somehow this article reminds me of my favorite aisle every time we go to Seafood City, guess what aisle?! I go straight to the snacks and look for Piatos, Nova and Boy Bawang.)

Seafood City Supermarket also has on sale products and if you happen to be shopping at those days, you can get some sardines for a cheaper price like 3 for $1. (depends on every sales event thou.) Coconut milk, and catsups are usually on sale too and vegetables. (These are just few of the items I remember being on sales but of course there's more.)

Anyway, Seafood City has few locations around San Diego area.

For Seafood City in National City, it is located in 1420 E. Plaza Blvd., Bldg. C. National City, CA 91950. (619) 477-6080.

There's also Manila Seafood Oriental Market which is in 2220 E. Plaza Blvd., National City, CA 91950. (619) 267-5353.

For Seafood City location in Mira Mesa, 8955 Mira Mesa Blvd., Mira Mesa, CA 92126. (858) 549-0200.

There's also one located in Chula Vista at 285 E. Orange Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91911. (619) 621-2050.

Conching's Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor


Who doesn't like ice cream?! Probably Summer is the busiest season of Aling Conching's Cafe. And the seats are pretty full too, usually there's a long line in here. And guess what makes the long line?! The halo-halo. ( I'd say the name should have been Conching's Cafe and Halo-Halo Parlor.)

I love their halo-halo. Though it's been a while I've been there, I know there's a regular halo-halo and there's a special one you can order. The special one cost more of course but there's more to the ingredients. I can even hardly finish the regular one since it is a lot ( for me it is a lot already.)

3400 E. 8th Street Suite 115, National City, CA 91950. (619) 473-6993.

Kalye Hits

I hadn't been to this one. But Kalye Hits are really creating a buzz. I know people and friends that usually visits Kalye hits to hang out with friends and enjoy Filipino street foods.

My brother took home kwek-kwek, adidas, and barbecue from Kalye Hits one time and they're all good, my favorite is the kwek-kwek though.

914 8th St., Suite 202, National City, CA 91950. (619) 434-8511.

Carol's Video and Mini Mart

Tagalog movies

This was a close screenshot of Carol's Video and Mini Mart that I got from Google Maps since I can't find a logo or photo of the store. (The photo's blurred, I know.)

It is what it says, but I can't find any other video rental store around National City that has many selections of Tagalog movies for rent. Carol's Video and Mini Mart has new movies for rent and they have old movies too if you happen to be looking for one. I remember going through the dvd's and found Home Along The Riles movie. I even found much older movies of FPJ, Dolphy, Nova Villa and other Philippine stars.

You can also find Philippine beauty products here such as whitening soaps (Likas Papaya , Belo , etc.) along with whitening lotions, shampoos, and you can go buy groceries too while looking for some Tagalog dvd's to rent.

Carol's Video and Mini Mart can be found in 2421 E. Plaza Blvd., National City, CA 91950. (619) 267-3739.

Red Ribbon


As to what I had observed, Red Ribbon branches are usually close or on the same area where Seafood City Supermarkets are located. This I say, is another favorite Filipino place.

Here's Red Ribbon locations around San Diego area.

8955 Mira Mesa Blvd., #B San Diego, CA 92126. (858) 689-1443.

1420 E. Plaza Blvd., National City, CA 91950. (619) 773-0888.

3030 Plaza Bonita Road, National City, CA 91950. (619) 470-1031.

285 E. Orange Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91911. (619) 420-1288.

Point-Point Joint Turo-Turo

Point-Point (turo-turo) is located in National City and can be a good spot if you are missing and craving for Filipino foods. Haven't been in here but as to what I had read on the web, it seems like Point-Point has been around for quite some time now and that they have yummy foods such as kare-kare and adobo which is both favorite Filipino dishes.

Could be a good spot for lunch with friends, accepts take-outs but takes no reservations.

916 E. 8th Street, Suite 01, National City, CA 91950. (619)274-2866.

Have you been to any of these stores?

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