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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 49: Harboring a Grudge

Updated on October 26, 2008

The next area is racing area. Go to the left and shoot down a fuel tank thing to get 1/3. There is a purple thing designed to arm you with torpedoes. Use the torpedo to shoot out a gun guarding a gate.

Now, go a little further right and take out any boats before you. Target something floating in the midst of the toxic waste, and then send Killer Croc in. Apparently, he is immune to toxic waste. When he gets it, he will have the First Canister.

By the way, the second fuel tank is to the right of the gate, and the third is to the right of the gateway over to the left. It will result in the Second Canister.

Go ahead and use a torpedo on that gate and get to the next area.

You will be given your first chance to use the Penguin’s submarine submersion skills. Just go straight forward, and hit your nose on the red button to turn it green. The purple gate will go down, and so change into Croc’s skipper and hit the next button.

A torpedo tube thing will open, so use it to blast some of the barrels floating in the toxic waste. On the right corner will be the Third Canister.

There are two antenna-like buoys this is two out of five necessary to get a canister.

Once all toxic barrels are destroyed, it will remove the toxic waste in the area. You should be able to go right now, and while you’re on your way, switch to Croc. He can easily go over a ramp to get the Fourth Canister.

Two more of the buoys necessary to get the canister are available in this area.

Use torpedoes to get rid of more barrels, and the toxic waste will be cleared again.

Keep going and you will need to take out two big guns before going on. This next area involves using our nose on a gate at the front under a spotlight. Definitely watch for missiles here. Floating in some toxic waste is the Fifth Canister.

Once the second gate is open, go ahead and go in. Blast until you hit the fifth antenna-buoy, and get the Sixth Canister.

There three more guns to take out before reaching the next area, so do it with torpedoes.

The police sub can be taken out by having croc nose hit the red button, which will open the door for torpedoes.

Go ahead and get some torpedoes and shoot the two barrel things floating in the toxic waste in the corner. All the toxic waste will drain out, and you will see a slightly submerged canister. Go and take the penguin submarine toward it and you will have the Seventh Canister.

After the police sub takes three hits on three sides with the torpedoes, the thing will resort to a missile hit, just get a missile to follow you there and hit the police boat. The battle will be over and the level will end.


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    • profile image

      Jenn 7 years ago

      i don't know if i just didn't read right.. but when you go to get your torpedos.. to the left of the that.. shoot a torpedo and you get a canister..