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Lego Batman Strategy Guide 62: You Can Bank on Batman, Free Play

Updated on October 27, 2008

All right, you should be able to get some here from the get go. If you go to the right, you should see the Fourth Canister hiding behind a glass window. Go ahead and use the Sonic Batman to access it.

Keep going until you get to the area with all the green toxic waste. Go ahead and turn into a villain that can run across it, and use the shaking pieces to repair the truck. Drive it away, and you will see the Question Mark panel. Turn into Riddler, and the man will open some doors to the right of him. In there is the Fifth Canister.

In the area where there is a suit upgrade for Batman, you can find a dumpster parked right on top of a silver manhole cover. Become a strongman character and throw that dumpster right off. Then becoming a bombing character and destroy the manhole cover. Jump in, and you will not only find the Sixth Canister, but a purple stud.

After you destroy the cement truck, you will come to an alley that has some dumpsters in it. Remove them with a stronger character. Use a bat character to get up to a higher ledge, and you can go around the corner to the right to get some studs. What you really want to do is take the tightrope all the way up. There are two windows there, and one has three studs, and the other has the Seventh Canister. To get to each of them, you must use bombs on both.

After you blow up that semi truck, make certain that you go to the one area with the glass barrels. You can shatter them as Sonic Batman, and then use the pieces to make a magnetic ramp. Robin in his magnet suit can walk on up, and he will get a purple stud at the edge of the ledge. No canisters here, though.

To the right of the phone kiosk in this area, this is something with an orange handle. Go ahead and become a strong character and remove it. You will then enter in to this one area that requires you to sort of go up stairs that you will not see. Eventually, you will get to a window that you can break as any character, and the Eighth Canister will be on the porch.

When you get to the area with the used car lot, there is an Attracto machine behind a glass gate. You will need to shatter the gate as Sonic Suit Batman, and then make certain Robin has at least 25 pieces of debris before he approaches it. There is debris scattered all across this level, and it is easy to find. Once he unloads into the Attracto machine, the Ninth Canister will be made.

In fact, there is enough debris for Robin to fill the Attracto pack two times. The second time he goes, it will make a silver bomb shaped thing. Destroy it with an explosive, and there will be studs o’plenty.

Now, you need to go and open the door to the used car area. Get into a car, and drive it down to the area that has some toxic waste. You will need to change into Riddler, and go to the question mark panel. The guy will open a door, and you need to pull a lever to open a place for a car. Park your car in there, and then the door to the left of it will open. Run up to get another car, and the place that holds the Tenth Canister and three blue studs will open up for you.


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      Raya 3 years ago

      I was recently dasinoged with NDPH and I am so discouraged to read the length of time people have been suffering. My doctor has prescribed Tizanidine (Zanaflex) but I'm not sure it's helping. I've been taking it for two weeks and, now that I'm up to the therapeutic dose I feel awful. It makes me feel over-medicated and very, very sleepy. And it's done nothing to alleviate my headaches. My neurologist said to give it a month but it's very hard to work and feel so wasted. I also saw an ENT who is eager to perform a balloon sinuplasty which he swears will get rid of my headaches. I'm not sure I'm ready for something so invasive. Has anyone else used that medication or had a procedure on their sinuses? What were the results? Also, I'm so afraid to tell my husband how much pain I'm actually in. He knows I get headaches regularly and has even seen me cry from them but I put a brave face on literally (lots of makeup) and keep going. We have 5 year old twins and it breaks my heart every time one of them asks why I have a headache all the time.I'm so happy to have found this site and a place to vent .and listen!

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      jamieplowright11 6 years ago