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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 104: Escape from Naboo, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on October 30, 2008

When you arrive here, go toward the area with the four big brown double doors. Blow them open, and the First Blue Canister will behind the third one from the left. Go ahead and get it, and use the grapple spot to get to the next level, taking out a few troops along the way.

Go ahead and run to the right, and use the grapple spot to get to the next level. After you get to that next level go up one more. Shoot a window down, and the Second Blue Canister should be right there in it.

Leave the room and use the grapple spot to get to the place with the puzzle thing where the Power Brick was obtained on FreePlay. There is the Third Blue Canister floating where the silver jugs are in the corner. There is no need to use an explosive on it, just go behind it and get it.

This next canister is right out from the place that you have to burst through. Go to the left, and then jump down to the area that you need to hover to get over. After you do that, use the grapple point to get up higher. The Fourth Blue Canister is located by two droidikas, so quickly take them out and get the prize.

Go ahead and hover back over the gulf, and keep running all the way to the right. You will find the Fifth Blue Canister right as you go around a corner. It is pretty easy to miss this one, so get it.

This next one is located at the place where you met up with the Jedis on the first time. As you drop down, head out away from the screen, and the Sixth Blue Canister is in a corner.

Keep going along this area. This next one is located up some stairs, by where you found another Canister on the Free Play level. Go up the stairs, and then become high jumper to get to the porch. Use a Thermal Detonator on the window, and go in and get the Seventh Blue Canister.

When you get to the point where the elevators rise to the targets to open the gates, become a high jumper and stand on the elevator on the left. When it reaches its maximum height, jump up and go left to find the Eighth Blue Canister.

Go ahead and ride the elevator and hit the other targets. The gate will open to the final area, there will be two more blue canisters that you can get here.

The first will be located as you come in, and on the left. It will be behind some objects. Go ahead and get the Ninth Blue Canister.

As for the Tenth Blue Canister, just run to the back as far as you can go, and it will be right in the corner.


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