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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 117: Defense of Kashyyyk, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on October 30, 2008

As you are running into the battle, go ahead and put down the bridge, and then go a little right to where you found the Power Brick. Don’t blow up or use the dark side of the force on anything, just go around it and get the First Blue Canister.

When you get to the one area, you will see it to the left of the one soldier who is talking on his radio. I think we can safely assume this is the “Order 66” that causes all the clone troopers to kill you. Go in and get rid of all the enemies, and then get the Second Blue Canister.

As you go up the tree to rescue the first Wookee. You will need to use the grapple spot here, and there will be a place where you can a canister, which is remarkably similar to another place where you got a canister in Free Play level. What you need to do is hover all the way to the left, and you will find the Third Blue Canister.

When you reach the crossroads in the tree paths, go to the left. You will find a grappler spot on the right. Take it, and you will have the Fourth Blue Canister.

There will be two Blue Canisters at the beachfront. The Fifth Blue Canister is attainable by running to some burning wreckage in the midst of the water. Try not to engage the enemy here, as they do get hostile and like to shoot you.

As for the second you can get in this area, just go all the way to the left. The Sixth Blue Canister is located behind some rock.

You should use the force on a plant near the big entrance, and then use the grapple area to get up higher. You can shoot the targets and open up the large entrance to the next area.

The next canister is located in the swamp area, with the commander battledroid on the left. Take it out and high jump up to it to get the Seventh Blue Canister.

When you get to the area with the all the trees and the path in the middle of it, you should go over to the right, and you will find the Eighth Blue Canister.

For the Ninth Blue Canister, go up to the AT-ST and use the force on it. Then ride it up to the corner by the rock slide, and just jump on the AT-ST and grab it. You will need to make a high jump coming out of it in order to get there.

Go ahead and run up the rock slide, using the force on the boulders that are in your way. The dual pressure pad will open the door to the next area, and there will be an AT-ST in your way. Go ahead and run to the back of him, and you will find the Tenth Blue Canister.


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