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Urban Ninja Game App For iPhone - Tips, Cheats & Level Walkthroughs

Updated on May 12, 2014

If you are looking for Urban Ninja game app tips, cheats, level walkthroughs and general help then you are in the right place. The Urban Ninja app for the iPhone and iPad is a fun little game produced by Donut Games. In this article we will review the Urban Ninja game, have a look at some Urban Ninja tips, see if there are any cheats for Urban Ninja and also see if we can come up with any level walkthroughs. Hopefully this guide will tell you all you need to know about the Urban Ninja iPhone app.

This game is currently free to download from the app store. It has been out for a few months but was only recently made free by the game designers. If you want a fun easy to play puzzle game then this one really is well worth a look. The game play is clever and simple and will have players hooked in no time. So now let’s take a closer look at the game itself.

Urban Ninja Game


When you open the app up you are first of all taken to the menu screen. Here you can either tap ‘start’ which takes you into the game. You can also click on ‘more games’ and this shows you more games available from Donut Games. Or you can click on the ‘options’ tab. This takes you to a page where you can view your stats. You can see on your stats page how many jumps you have made, how many stars you have collected, how many helicopter escapes you have made and also the total amount of time you have played on the game. On the options page you can also view the ‘help’ file. This gives you a basic overview of how to play the game. You can also view the credits on this page.

There is also an ‘online’ section in the options. On here you can view the high scores, this takes you to an internet page with all the scores on. You can also view the Donut News and this gives you an idea of new games and other details from the company. Also on the options page you can alter the controls. This is handy if you are not a fan of the way the game it setup as it means you have the option to change certain things. You also have the option to change the way the camera looks in the game and also adjust the sound settings. Finally at the bottom of the page you have the option to reset all the level challenges.

Game Play


When you click on ‘start’ you are taken to the select a challenge screen. There are a total of 40 levels to complete in the game. You start off at level 1 and to move on to the next level you must complete this one. This means there is no way to skip ahead, you must complete the levels in the order they come in. When you play a level you are awarded points for how well you complete the level. Then depending upon how many points you have scored you are awarded a star, the idea is to get three stars on each level.

When you enter the game it’s pretty simple. You are a small ninja character who must collect the stars and then jump onto the helicopter rope and the end of the level. To jump you simply click the direction you wish to jump and your little ninja will make the leap. You also have an energy bar at the top of the screen, each jump you take uses some energy so you are limited to the amount of jumps you can make. If you are on a flat surface you can walk along by clicking on the arrows on the screen, this does not use any energy so it’s a good way to get around.

To earn points in the game you need to collect stars. If you collect a few stars in one go you receive a combo bonus, the more stars you collect at once the higher the bonus. The large stars give you 25 points so are well worth trying to get. You also receive bonus points for your escape and also how much energy you have left at the end of the level. On each level there is a pass mark, you must earn enough points to pass the level and move on to the next one.

Urban Ninja Tips, Cheats & Level Walkthroughs


If you want some Urban Ninja tips then there are a few we can look at. When it comes to scoring points there are a few things to bear in mind. The first is the landing bonus. A tip is to try to jump on to the very bottom of the rope, this will give you more points. Another tip is to try and keep your energy levels right up as high as possible, every time you jump your energy drops down so you want to complete the level in as few jumps as possible. Also look for the combos, sliding down ropes and poles is a good way to pick up big combos and increase your score. One handy tip is to go back and play levels again. As you familiarise yourself with each level it will get easier to complete and you will find more opportunities to pick up points.

If you are looking for Urban Ninja cheats then I am sorry to say that currently there are none available. This is still a relatively new game that has been released so maybe as the game increases in popularity and more people become aware of it someone may try and bring out some cheats. But as of now there are no cheats available for the Urban Ninja app.

Usually I try and provide people with a few level walkthroughs for some of the more difficult levels at this points. But the trouble with Urban Ninja level walkthroughs is that there are often several ways to complete some of the levels. Various different factors influence how many points you will get and what chance you have of completing a level so it’s hard to give any level walkthroughs.

Overall I would have to say that the Urban Ninja game app for the iPhone really is an excellent little game. If you want a fast moving puzzle game that you will enjoy and will also challenge you then this is well worth a download. As it is currently free it really is a bargain and is one that is well worth a look. So download Urban Ninja and enjoy this excellent little iPhone game.


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      Hannah Adams 6 years ago

      Can you do a walkthrough of 16 and 17?