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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 118: Ruin of the Jedi, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on October 30, 2008

The first thing you should see is the First Blue Canister in the background, behind some sort of Lego thing. The only neat thing to do is to go on and grab it.

Keep going to your right, past the door itself. You will find the Second Blue Canister in a corner, and it won’t really be concealed in any way. Go ahead and snatch it up for yourself.

You should really take the time to cut one of the Lego pieces by this area around the door. You will then get a grapple area that a shooter character can use to get to the higher ground. Go toward the temple door, and hop up to another area, and the Third Blue Canister should be right there. It is very similar to a canister that was found during the Free Play version of this level.

When you get in the Temple, go straight forward and take a left. There is that huge ball that you encountered before, but don’t waste time manipulating it. Instead, go behind it. You will find the Fourth Blue Canister.

By the way, I noticed when I came in as an Imperial character, none of the Clone Troopers tried to harm me. Of course, as soon as I threatened to do anything, they opened fire immediately.

Now, if you form the stairs and make the way to the stormtrooper door, you need to become and Imperial to open it. One inside, there is a big projector there, and if you go to the left of it, you will find the Fifth Blue Canister.

Now, go on and go down the stairs in the one corner of the Jedi Council Room. You will find the Sixth Blue Canister on a chair that is on the left. Go ahead and get it.

If you go into the one room with the tons of machines and hallways in them, you will find that you can go to the left on the second hallway, and use the grapple spot and a shooting character to get the Seventh Blue Canister.

Go ahead and activate the areas you will need to get where you need to go. I’ll quickly summarize in case you have forgotten. All you need to do is hop up in the certain places and make a path light up to the next area. Then on the top will be the Eighth Blue Canister.

Keep jumping on the platform and you are going to the right and deactivate the shield. On the far hallway to the left is the Ninth Blue Canister. Use a Jedi with a high jumper skill to get it.

Take the exit out, and go into the room in the left corner to get the Tenth Blue Canister.


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    • profile image

      joanie1 8 years ago

      Hi, I really like your clues but am having trouble finding blue canister #5. I found 6...are they in the same room? Help please...(Sorry, I'm new...if this isn't the place to ask questions...Again, I'm sorry!