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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 119: Darth Vader, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on October 30, 2008

The first room has this one right in the back. You will have to run towards the direction of danger to get the First Blue Canister.

Of course, getting out of here is a trial, as you know from when you played this level the first time, and in Free Play. When you get to the end of this area, you will be in a kind of control room.

You should then find the Second Blue Canister is located all the way back in the room, just keep running and you will find it. I believe it was the same place you found a canister and a lot of studs the last time.

Knock out the yellow panel on the wall, and you will find the Third Blue Canister. Once again, this was where a Canister was once found.

This next part is where you found the Power Brick last time. It is the Artoo panel in the middle of the room. Go ahead and use it and quickly go in and grab the Fourth Blue Canister.

While you are in this room, you should be weary of time. Not just in the level itself, but how much until the room collapses. Use the force on the girders to buy you some time. It takes about twenty to thirty seconds to open the door and remove the locks from the door, so make sure you have enough time for that.

When you open the door to the next area, there is the Fifth Blue Canister right there. Go on and take it.

Keep going to the right and destroy the tank-like things there. When you have the dual pressure pads, a ramp will come folding down. The Sixth Blue Canister is right there beside it.

As soon as you get to the area with all of the lava, it gets a little trickier to go through the levels. Fortunately, the Seventh Blue Canister is easy to spot. Just go ahead and get it and go to the right.

From here, it is about bouncing on the rocks until you get the canisters. You will need to go to the right for the Eighth Blue Canister. You will then need to go to the left for the Ninth Blue Canister.

Keep going until you get all the way to the left and ride the big metal tower thing as it comes crashing down When you get to the one rock, try and go as far towards the screen as you can without falling into the lava, and then go to the right. You will the Tenth Blue Canister. It is similar to finding the last canister on the Free Play level.


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