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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 127: Escape from Echo Base, Blue Canister Challenge Level

Updated on October 30, 2008

In this first room, there is an Artoo panel on the left that was nigh useless, even in the Free Play level. Become an Artoo unit to open the door, and go ahead and get the First Blue Canister in the back.

Go ahead and leave the room and build up that explosive that allows you to exit the room. Keep going until you can make the heater and blast it until it melts the ice. Pass the one room that has the cafeteria and use the heater.

When you get to the one area with the big gun and thing blocking the door, go ahead and go right. You can then become a high jumper and leap up to the high alcove and grab the Second Blue Canister.

Go ahead and push on the center thing to switch the tanker car off of its tracks, and it will go and strike the rocks blocking the one area. If you go into this one area, you will find the Third Blue Canister here.

Blast the wall with the big gun, and you can enter in. If you go into the room with the fans, you should find the Fourth Blue Canister.

While you are in this room, go all the way to the right to that Artoo door which is so easily to miss earlier. This is where you fished out one of the canisters on the Free Play level. The Fifth Blue Canister is here.

Go ahead and blast the wall in the main big fan room and turn into Threepio to open the door.

In the next room with all the switches, you should find the Sixth Blue Canister on the slope with the buttons. As you are flipping the switches, you should be able to claim it.

This same room has a Threepio door, and you’ll have to change to a Threepio to open it. When you get in, you will need to turn into a Bounty Hunter and use a Thermal Detonator on some stuff in the way. Go into this next room and get the Seventh Blue Canister in the corner.

Go to the one place where you need to use the Dark Side of the Force to go up a slippery ramp. Hop on each of them, and the Eighth Blue Canister will be right in front of you.

When you get to the top of this area of the steps, go ahead and turn right and use the Artoo panel. Go on in and snatch up the Ninth Blue Canister.

You will soon find yourself in the final room, and there are some levers in front of a force field. Go ahead and pull them, and you will have the Tenth Blue Canister.


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      Hong 3 years ago

      Feb24 allieThis is a lovely idea I can imniage children in my classroom engaging with it. We often use sticks with the sand/dirt/mud table and the children automatically stand them up like trees it would be interesting to try this as a tool.Same with the flower building toy! I think I will definitely be building something like this for the classroom. Thank you!Reply