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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 16: Discovery on Kamino, Part 2

Updated on September 28, 2008

Go down the hall and use the force to deflect the lasers blasts from the ceiling back to their targets. You will follow Jango to another room.

In one corner, there is a weird circle puzzle. I found that if you step on the circles in a circular formation, the discs on the wall would spin, and a cover will open to reveal the Fourth Canister. I’m not certain if that is the best way to unlock this thing, but hey, it’s here.

Go ahead and leave through the tiny hole in the wall, and you may notice that if your turn left and from here, you can take R4 to a tiny island by hovering. There is a canister here, but the droid cannot jump to get it. Oh, the irony. Forget about it until Free Play.

You will then notice that Jango is leaving you mines. I found it was better to keep your distance from them, then wait for them to go off. You can then double jump across the gaps.

You will find that the door that Jango goes into has a large gap. There is a button you can push, but it only extends the bridge so far. You best bet is to have R4 fly over, and hit the button to extend it all the way.

There is a grey panel here, and Obi-Wan can use it to expose a control panel that R4 can open.

In this next area, Jango will send tons of flying killer robots at you. Go on and change into R4 and let the Jedi fight them. Yeah, for some reason, the bad guys tend to ignore the astromech droid. Have R4 go and activate the two control panels, and the doors that once let in the bad guys will close. All you have to do now is turn back to Obi-Wan and get rid of the rest.

From there, let Obi Wan use the force in the corner to reveal the buried control panel. R4 can open it, and the final stage of the level begins as you take on Jango Fett in a one-on-one.

The first thing I did is take R4 around to the four nearby control panels and turn them on. This causes some guns to fire at the Slave I and Boba Fett.

Simple swiping attacks are good on Jango, but then he starts flying. You can then deflect his attacks, and he will launch missiles. Go ahead and use the Force to send those missiles right back at him. On his last heart, he will run, so slice him then.


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