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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 23: Battle over Coruscant

Updated on September 28, 2008

Normally, I hated these levels of flying because they usually involve a lot of going around too fast to keep track of anything. For example, getting all the studs in order to make true Jedi can be difficult.

The only way to get the studs in this is to get all of the Canisters, which will usually give you a blue stud or two on their acquisition. You can also get bonuses shooting the targets listed below, and some of the enemy ships.

Yeah, so it is tough to make True Jedi here, but I have to admit that it is a lot of fun here. If you die here by accidentally crashing into something, you will get to start a little of that area over again. Of course, like all times you die, and you lose a little studs. Here is how to get as much studs as possible, along with all of the

This is a fun level of flying. After you do this straight drop nose dive, there is the First Canister a little to the right. Go ahead and get it.

Pretty soon, you will level out, and when you do you’ll go over a giant cruiser. That Second Canister will be in front of you.

You will soon come to a ship that will need to be blown apart by shooting red balls in front of it. You have to hit five of them, and it will break in two for you to fly through. Eventually, you will find the Third Canister.

You will then pass under a giant spaceship, and if you look hard, like in the center of the screen, you will find the Fourth Canister.

From here, there is a large open space between ships. You will see the Fifth Canister a little bit off-center.

From there, you can bank a little and pass over a spaceship. Go ahead and snag the Sixth Canister here.

You will then pass by a tower with two targets. Shoot them out, and the tower will fall. As you pass over it, you will see the Seventh Canister down to the southern portion of the screen.

You will eventually come to ship whose doors that you have to blow apart, one on each side. As you go in, there will be the Eighth Canister here. Go ahead and get it.

Soon you will pass by a cruiser, and the Power Brick will be on the left. Go to the left and get it.

Soon after that Red Brick will be the Ninth Canister, but there is very little to signal it.

Just before you get to General Grevious ship, you will find the Tenth Canister under here.

The only thing that remains is shooting some red circles on the side of the shielded area. Once you enter in there, the level ends.


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