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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 34: Secret Plans, Part 2

Updated on September 29, 2008

The next room has two rounds of stormtroopers come in that can easily be blasted to bits. You may notice some hallways on the sides. Each has some lights on the floor, along with two levers on the wall. If you use the levers, a window will open. On the left, there will be some flowers and a ton of studs. On the right, you’ll see Vader interrogating prisoners. If you make the lights turn from red to green, it will also rain some studs.

Go ahead and get any more studs and go through the door on the opposite side from where you came in. You will then be in a room with a lot of odd things, but you won’t be able to get the canisters as yet. Instead, go over to the boxes and move them around. The first box can be pushed in a straight line, while the other needs to be pushed more into a corner.

You will then open a door, and there will be some angry stormtroopers waiting. Take them out, and you’ll find Threepio. You will have to become him and open the Threepio panel before him. This will open up a shield, and you will meet Artoo, followed by a cutscene.

You will then be only Captain Antellies along with the droids. Have Artoo open the door at the end of the hallway.

This next room involves Captain Antellies operating a crane in the center. A Rebel Friend is in trouble and you must operate the crane in order to left the two stormtroopers and drop them into the steaming pit. The Rebel friend will then pull a lever for you to reveal a bridge. You can then walk over to the door, but unfortunately, only Threepio can open it. The only way to get him to that door is to go back to the crane, grab Threepio, and drop him off on that side. It is a lot of fun.

From here, you will have several groups of baddies try and get you, but you can always shoot them. You will have to pause to build bridges in the middle of some pits just so the Threepio can go further.

You will then turn a corner right, and you can ignore a Stormtrooper panel. Go ahead and build one more bridge. There are some closets here that you can open. Go left and use Artoo to open up a place where some Rebels are hiding. Pull the lever in that room, and the shield will drop in the center area. Here there is a Stormtrooper Jacuzzi of some type. Pull the lever, and this will open up a Threepio panel, and this will lead to an Artoo Panel that will open the door to the Escape Pod.


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