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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 6: Escape from Naboo

Updated on September 28, 2008

You will notice that you are now the queen with the captain. Unlike the Jedis, you can now blast anything, so take out anything that moves to get studs. You will find the places marked with the red + signs will be places to use a grapple.

Shoot the bad guys on the top level, and then you will soon uncover another red + target. You will then get to an area with some windows you can smash for more coins, and you can jump down to a lower level to shoot some troops that might be in your way.

Eventually, you will reach a higher level where you can blast a few things and get another red + to grapple your way higher. Don’t forget to shoot out the windows and go in for some extra studs.

You will get to a room with a puzzle in it, but you won’t be able to solve it until you get to Free Play, sorry.

As soon as you make your way into the next area, go towards the screen and you can collect a lot of studs as well as the First Canister.

Keep going down the hall until you reach an area with lots of windows. Blast them all open, and then go over to the edge and jump off, then jump off again, and go all the way to the right, defeating bad guys all the way. You will eventually find the Second Canister, and go back and use the Grapple spots to get back up to the top.

Go ahead and go to the door and shoot the target nearby to enter the next area. Bust through a dome to get a blue stud and drop down to the next level, to be joined by the Jedis.

If you continue going right from here, you will find several places where you can grapple up. You are right in assuming that there are things to do here, but only in Free Play.

Until then, just go at the bottommost level and get as many studs and kill as many enemies as possible. You will see two elevators, so aim and shoot the targets. The door will open.

This last area has three domes and a lot of places to get studs. You should probably take out all the bad guys before getting the studs. Once you get them, hop on the buttons on all three domes. The first one will open another area that you can smash to get more studs. The second will open a place where, if destroyed, will allow you to leave the level. The third will open a place to get some coins.


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