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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 71: Negotiations Free Play, Part 1

Updated on September 30, 2008

Okay, now that you have conquered all the levels, you can now do the Free Play levels. All you need to do is go to the bar and buy up the characters you will need. Make certain that you have one Dark Jedi, one bounty hunter, one smaller character, and one high jumper character.

You can then go back and complete all the levels and get all the Canisters and Power Bricks.


Go ahead and go down the hall and turn into a protocol droid so you can enter the last room on the left. You can finally get the Canisters in this room. All you need to do is turn into a small character, then use the vent door. Go ahead and step on the button, which will drop the shields here. Continue to the left and you will be able to pick up the Fifth Canister.

Go ahead and become a Jedi, and move the boxes in the middle of the room so that they are stacked upon each other. When three of them are stacked up, turn into a high jumper character and jump to the right, where you can get the Sixth Canister.

Go back out into the main hallway. There will be an Artoo door that you weren’t able to open before, but you can now. When you open it, there will be a lot of things to use the force on. One of them is a spaceship, and it will fly away to be used again later. There will be one cart that the high jumper character needs to stand on, and then jump up to get the Seventh Canister when it goes under it.

In this same room, there is a grate on the wall, that the force can use to remove it. A character can then become a high jumper and go up from the ramp underneath it into the vent itself. You will find yourself in another room, with that ship inside. It will not be visible, as you must turn to Artoo and hover to the right. Artoo needs to go to the panel, which will turn off the shield that once was separating the two rooms. A high jumper character can jump on the vessel and get the Eighth Canister.

Go back to the main hall, and keep going down the hall as you did. You will come to the point where you use the force on a door to turn it into a stage of some kind. If you jump on the stage as a high jumper character, you will find the Ninth Canister.


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