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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 90: Death Star Escape and Rebel Attack Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

Death Star Escape

After you leave the compactor, you should make a left at the door of another compactor. Only Threepio can open this door, and so you should build a refrigerator and barbeque here. Using the force on the completed barbeque causes it to light and gives you lots of studs. Using the force on the refrigerator opens it up for a Power Brick.

Go out into the hall, and use a thermal detonator on a metal place located a little bit past the place where to put on the stormtrooper helmets.

You will soon come to the room that has the yellow one-man hover craft in it. The only thing to do there is to turn into a short character and use the short character door. You will then have the Sixth Canister.

You may notice in the room with the crane for the window washing that there is some metal there. You can use a thermal detonator on it, and you will see an area with a small character door. Turn into a high jumper character and get there, then you will be able to get a few more studs.

As you go down the hall, there will be a place that only a Sith Lord can move with the Force. Go ahead and move it, and you will find the Seveneth Canister.

As soon as you get to the area with the spinning bridge plus the elevators, the exit out is a stormtrooper door. Look up from there and use the force to make a platform. After a few double jumps, you will have the Eighth Canister.

In the room with all the Stormtroopers, go ahead and stack two crates up to get to the next balcony, where you can at last get the Ninth Canister. It can be pretty tough doing this. Shut the doors when possible.

To get to the Tenth Canister, go into the final area and open a door with a Bounty hunter entrance.

Rebel Attack

After you go through the first shield, there will be a TIE area on your left. Take yourself into it, and use a photon torpedo to blast the area there. The Eighth Canister will rise up pretty much out of nowhere. Go ahead and get it here.

Once you get past that second shield, you will see a TIE gate on the left. You will have to go in and fly over a few green squares before the Ninth Canister is revealed.

You will then need to go on the right side, as a TIE craft to open the area that distributes the rolling bombs. Then you must go up to the area where you can deposit the bombs. After two explosions, the shield covering the area will be down, and you can get the Tenth Canister that you want.


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