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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 92: Escape from Echo Base, Part 2 and Falcon Flight Free Play

Updated on September 30, 2008

In the left corner of the room, there is a pile of trash that can be manipulated by the force to build a snowman. The snowman can be wasted by the way. Go ahead and push the block into the room that will be made, and carefully put it into place. Jump on the fan and you will be blown upward to receive the Fifth Canister.

You may notice an apparatus on the right side of the back of the room. You should be able to blow it up using a thermal detonator, and from there you will have the Sixth Canister.

The right side of the room also has an Artoo panel door that you might miss if you don’t look hard enough. When you get inside, destroy the enemy snowtroopers there, and then use the force on one of the fishing holes. The parts for a canister will come out, and some assembly is required for the Seventh Canister.

The next canister can be found in the area with the two blocks and four buttons. Go through the Threepio door, and you will find a pile of trash to the left. Use the Thermal Detonator on it, and go into a new room to build a control panel. A glass tube will slide down, revealing the Eighth Canister.

You will then reach this one place where the dark side of the force is used on the wall, four times. Go ahead and use it, and hop up the stairs to go to the right. You will be in a mess hall, and there will be two levers on each side. Think of these as slot machines. Keep spinning them until the doors below open up.

Go back into the hall and make a turn left. And keep going until you see a door. Go in and you will see a huge grapple spot, which will take up into a huge snow globe. Go on and become a small character and go through the doorway, and you can even shatter the globe with the force. There isn’t much out here but some snowtroopers, and you can ride some Tauntans, but that’s about it. Oh, did I mention that the Ninth Canister is here too?

Nothing left to do but go back into the final hangar and you will notice the doors open up for the Tenth Canister as well as the Power Brick.

Falcon Flight

This next level starts out with nothing to do here but take out the Star Destroyer laser cannons once again.

As you go into the next area, there is a TIE gate on the left. Go in and you will find another section of the asteroid, and you will need to get a rolling bomb and use it on some orange switch. It will blow up, and you will have the Eighth Canister.

The same goes for the right side, where you can obtain the Ninth Canister.

As for the Tenth Canister, go on the big asteroid, and before the final area is a TIE fighter gate on the left. Go in, and you will need a photon torpedo to hit one small area and get the Tenth Canister.


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