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Mick Foley leaving WWE for TNA

Updated on August 28, 2008

A big surprise to the world of wrestling, it has been confirmed that Mick Foley has indeed signed a contract with TNA wrestling. It was reported that Foley was unhappy with his current wwe position as smackdown color commentator. Apparently it wasn't that Foley didn't like being an announcer, it was more so that Vince McMahon talked through a headset telling him what to say.

Mick Foley's WWE career

Mick Foley made his WWE debut in 1996, and has put on some of the most memorable matches in WWE history. Foley is best known for the brutality of his matches, using barb wire and spreading thumb tacks on the ring, which would lead him to being known as the hardcore legend. Foley's most notable match came in 1998 at the king of the ring pay-per-view against the Undertaker, footage from this match were he fell from the top of the cell crashing into a anounce table has been replayed many times over the past ten years. Foley Captured the WWE championship 3 times during his 12 year wwe run, and also held the WWE tag team championship, and hardcore championship.

Mick Foley winning wwe championship

Moving on to TNA wrestling

Mick Foley will make his TNA debut sometime after his WWE contract is finished on September first. What his status, or t.v. character with the company will be is unknown at this time, although he is expected to perform in some matches. TNA is a growing company and will no doubt grow some more with the edition of Foley. TNA has been struggling to say the least, competing against a company with the highest rated cable t.v. program WWE raw. Many long time wrestling fans feel however that WWE has lost touch with there fan base, and the addition of Foley may be just what TNA needs to step up and give WWE a run for there money.


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