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Nurturing Your Spirit

Updated on July 19, 2008

Philadelphia Story

Letter From an Unknown Woman

Shall We Dance?


Emotions can get the best of anyone. Especially, these days when the future seems uncertain. Feelings may get stuck, buried deep beneath the surface, but that doesn't mean we need to mope around and rally up a mob mentality. Since a cushy sofa and a therapist is a bit out of reach for most, we must come to grips with our own sanity. The best road out of boredom, routine and that strange sadness that creeps up suddenly like an unwelcome weekend guest, is a "do-it-yourself" healing approach.

Lifting our moods and calming our minds doesn't have to become a complicated task. It will, however, entail careful thought and sincere consideration. Here are some tips that will help unleash your own creativity in order to cultivate an emotionally healthier you. Self-motivation is key here.

  1. Allow yourself to indulge in a decadent dessert, without not once thinking about the dreaded "thigh effect". Savor each bite slowly and consciously.

  2. Take a class that is not work-related, something you would truly enjoy. An art class, a beginner's yoga or intermediate French. Knowledge is power, this we know, but it also takes on a soothing effect when set goals are accomplished.

  3. A complete and full-massage from head to toe. No need to feel self-conscious, this has now become a necessity for the new woman that places her nurturing a top priority. It's also become alot more affordable these days, massage schools charge next to nothing, and you'll be able to experience all the latest new techniques.

  4. Grab a cheap romance novel and head for the beach. There is nothing quite like being transported into a totally new world. Your mind will have no room to create anxiety or stress. It'll be too busy soaking up the faraway characters and exotic destinations.

  5. Buy yourself something new that you usually don't wear, but have always wanted to try. A sexy back-baring dress or a gorgeous black nightie, anything that will remind you of the gorgeous ultra-feminine woman that you've always been.

  6. Rent a bunch of old movies from the 40's. Films such as "The Philadelphia Story" with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn or "Letter from an Unknown Woman" with Joan Fontaine and Louis Jourdan. Movies that will remind you of an era gone by, full-on glamour and old world charm. A bottle of good wine and Chinese take-out will seal the evening in style.

  7. Create a sanctuary that is only for you. A small space set aside for your complete privacy and solitude. Surround yourself with your favorite things, photos that remind you of happy times, romantic mementos from your past, and personalized scents that conjure up sensual thoughts. Taking time out on a regular basis will do wonders for your psyche.

  8. Get back in touch with nature. A nature walk in a park you've never been, will allow you to think and breathe more clearly. You'll be surprised at how much problem solving can be accomplished when you can experience birds chirping, the sun on your back and dirt beneath your feet.

  9. Dare to do something you've always wanted to do. Learn how to ballroom dance or take up skydiving. This is ultimately freeing and will convince you that anything is possible. It also forces you to be "in the moment" which is exhilirating all on it's own. Be careful though, these rushes are known to be addicting.

  10. Soak in a bathtub full of rose petals and exotic bath oils. Imagine the possibilities of your life. Often times, we don't allow ourselves the luxury to indulge in something so soothing and peaceful. We are so worth it.

  11. Remember how it was to be a kid? Sitting on a swing or playing in a sandbox? Why not play with your kids and meet them on their own turf. Your kids will forever appreciate the memories you've created for them. Memories that will last a lifetime.

  12. Visit a museum. Imagining what the artist might have been thinking and feeling. This will open you up to another place or time in history. This can be a very magical experience when your mind is let out to wander.

  13. Decide to just stay in bed for a whole day. Revel in the fact that you have decided take advantage of those cozy sheets and comfortable mattress. Listen to your favorite old songs, do a crossword puzzle or catch up on the phone with old friends you've been meaning to reconnect with.

  14. Flirt openly and outrageously. Las Vegas is not the only place this is allowed. You'll be surprised at how liberating and freeing striking up a conversation with an interesting stranger can be.

  15. Start a "Gratitude" journal. Make a commitment to write down at least 5 things every day that you are sincerely grateful for. This is life-transforming and will change the way you feel about yourself, your surroundings and ultimately your life.

Make up your own list and seriously follow through. Your lover, children, friends, neighbors, boss and dog will endlessly thank you.



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