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Plotters Drivers

Updated on January 13, 2009

Locating Plotters Drivers

You probably just found this page because you're trying to find plotter drivers. You'll be glad you found this page by the end of it because I'm going to tell you how to save hours in your hunt for drivers.

If you're in a hurry, check this - Plotters Drivers

You can literally spend hours and hours trying to locate the specific drivers you need. You're probably searching now because you can't find the drivers you need on the manufacturers website. Been there. Done that. They want you to buy a new plotter right? They have a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing technologies out there like the operating system. It's simpler for them to sell you the latest, greatest plotter that already has driveres for the latest operating system.

If you dig deep enough, you'll find drivers for the plotter you need. But, do you really want to spend hours trying to locate these drivers, or would you rather get the job done and move onto the next task? Me? I'd rather just get it done.

HP Plotter


One way to locate the drivers you need is to visit the manufacturers website and delve through all the pages looking for the drivers you need. If your plotter is relatvely old, you may need to dig into their archived driver section.

This could prove to be tough considering that they don't want you to find the drivers. They want to sell you something new. Sometimes, they do not even create drivers for the old plotters on the new operating system platforms.

You may have to find them elsewhere.

You can also search google through millions of results just to find the driver you need. As you know (you found this page thankfully) this can be tough and risky. What if you pick up a virus because you're not running Kaspersky Anti-Virus and you hit a page that has a virus that Norton, McAfee, AVG or whatever other anti-virus product you're using doesn't detect? This would cause worse problems than you face needing a driver for your plotter right? Thus taking more of your valuable time.

The Simple Way To Get Plotters Drivers

Technology is great isn't it? It wasn't too many years ago (for some of us anyway) that you laid out a huge sheet of paper on your drawing table and took out a ruler and started drawing by hand the architectural drawings! Remember that? Things were definitely simpler back then. Didn't have to worry about "drivers". Just needed a sharp pencil!

With technology, things have become simpler in many ways though. Something that has made PC life really simple is an application called Driver Detective that you can obtain from

This applications installs easy. It's a FREE download. You scan your system, and it tells you which drivers needs to be updated. Not just your plotter drivers, but any driver that needs updated on your system. Isn't that handy?

They search their database of millions of drivers to find the appropriate one for your devices. Even your plotter. Why not download it and check it out? It's a free download. Save yourself some time locating the drivers you need.

Download Plotters Drivers



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