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Presidential elections, addressing the issues

Updated on July 29, 2008

The US elections are just barely under 100 days away, or so CNN always tells us. We still do not know a lot about these candidates. We still don't know what they will or will not do for us other then what they say. John McCain is the same as Bush more or less, so if you have been happy the last few years, you should be the next four with him. Barrack Obama is about change, or so his campain says, yet when faced with a challenging issue, he balks and goes with the crowd. Thats not change, its just more of the same.

Both Candidates have decent sounding ideas, but how much will they work for? One would think Obama would have an edge getting anything passed, with democratic control, yet the house and senate still go along with Bush.

The main issues facing us as a country is the economy, energy crisis, gas prices, and foreign opinion. Both candidates are in support of "The War on Terror" as is popular to be now, and they both in favor of tropp withdrawal from Iraq, although one wants a timetable, the other doesn't.

The economy is tanking fast, and neither candidate is telling us exactly how they are going to get us out of it. Except of course for the never ending "tax Cut" promises. To help with the gas issue they want to expand to offshore drilling, develop new technologies, etc etc. Vague promises with no plan. Right now they will say whatever they want to say to get a vote.

I think there is a lot riding on this election, and I think both candidates need to step up and be open and honest about what they will do, not why what the other wants to do is bad. Their websites are full of grand promises, but not much else.


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    • blogging2 profile image

      Rebecca Jones 9 years ago from Florida

      We are in for a scary time no matter what happens at this point... of course I live in FL so my votes REALLY don't count either way!

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 9 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      At least we know who John McCain is . The big Axelrod media extravaganza around Varry soetoro aka/ barack H. Obama is sickening.Invitations to the DNC are not to a convention but to another extravaganza abot his "acceptance speech." That is not a convention, it is a coronation