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Super Mario Galaxy Strategy Guide Part 1: Introduction, Getaway Galaxy, and Grand Rescue Star

Updated on December 30, 2007


All right, this begins the guide that will tell you how to obtain all 120 stars. Some are easy to get, some hard. Remember, all this guide will tell you how to do is one way to get all the stars, but I will stress that it does not have to be in this order. In some cases, you might want to get to a star because it is more convenient, or it might be easier to obtain.

The first opening scene is just you following a path to the castle. Everything seems way too perfect, which is why Bowser shows up. After a long intro, you will need to do is just run to the castle. Here you will notice that you can pick up Star Bits from just about anywhere, and can grab them from a distance just by pointing your Wiimote.

Gateway Galaxy

A Luma Star wakes you up, and it is time for action. After following the rabbit with the A jump button, there will be a hide-and-seek game. Catching the rabbits is somewhat difficult, as they tend to speed up when you get close. I found jumping can reduce the distance between you and the Star Bunnies.

Of course, you have to find the Star Bunnies, so let me give you a hint on their whereabouts. The first rabbit is located in a big hole, but not the one that goes all the way through the planet. This first rabbit, when caught, will give away the second rabbit’s hiding place in the pipe, of all things. You should then get to the pipe and flush out this rabbit. The third rabbit is located in a bunch of schrubby things that are surrounded by these dome-shaped plants.

Once all are caught, you have your first meeting with Rosalina. You will then learn of the Shake-attack and the Launch stars. Take the nearest one and you are on your way to getting the first star.

Grand Star Rescue Star

On this first planet, you will have to gather Star Chips for the first time. It will not be the only time. You will also notice that you can walk on pretty much anything, as long as there isn’t a black hole. Don’t fall off into nothingness there.

Once you find all the Star Chips, go to the Launch Star and propel yourself to the next planet. The first step is finding the entrapped Luma. She says that you need a key to set her free, so spin attack the Goombas then run into them until you find that key. If you want, you can hit the big obelisk thing on one side to take many of them out at once. Once you free the Luma, it will turn into a Sling Star, which is something like a Launch Star but for short distances. Let this Sling Star take you to the next world.

On this world, just go to the other side. You will have to cross something that has some deadly electricity, so look out! There is a huge Goomba, but don’t let the size fool you. It can be taken out with two Spin attacks, and the key will be revealed. Go to the Luma, and take the pipe that is revealed.

In this room, a Grand Star is being held hostage, but you can save it. All you need to do is step on the flipswitches located throughout this hollow metal ball. There are 12 around the star itself, and four around the circumference. Trip them all. A little word of warning: they can be untripped, so you might want to watch your step as you walk over them.

From there, it is off to the first stop: The Comet Observatory. This is where Rosalina will tell you that you will need to get a certain amount of Stars in order to leave the Galaxy and rescue Princess Peach. I believe that you can do that with as low as 60 Stars, and this next part will tell you how to get the 105 maximum before getting there.

Part of getting the Stars is going to the Galaxies located within these Domes that are kind of the “rooms” of this area. Then you need to walk in, use the Pull Star, and you’ll see places where you can go, provided you have enough stars.


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