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The Captivating Capricorn Woman

Updated on July 1, 2008

Christy Turlington ~ January 2, 1969

Sienna Miller ~ December 28, 1981


The Captivating Capricorn Woman

December 22 ~ January 19

To correctly identify a Capricorn woman, you must first understand , it would be an impossible task. Capricorn women are very comfortable wearing their horn-rim glasses and looking over the financial paper as well as wearing the highest stiletto heels and dancing at the latest night club, qualities that are impossible to predict. Be assured though, Capricorn women can be extremely feminine or as cold as ice, it really all depends on how well persuasive charm an be used to win her affections.

Security is very important to the Capricorn woman and her career may ultimately take priority. A main goal of this captivating beauty is to ensure her place in society. After all, recognition is very valuable to her state of content and priority must be made to ensure her state of grandeur. Ambition, though, will take a quick back seat if it means helping her true love achieve wealth and fame.

The lovely Capricorn woman is above all graceful and understands the importance of good manners. You might even think she is descended from royalty. A superior goddess is how she presents herself at all times, after all, you never know who she may run in to.

Most often the Capricorn woman is of exceptional beauty. The surprise that comes though is that insecurity may plague her. She very much desires constant sweet flattery to keep her emotions in check, the outcome will be that anyone lucky enough to have her on their arm, will definitely be more than willing to oblige.

Sade ~ January 16, 1959

Kate Moss ~ January 16, 1974

Julia Ormond ~ January 4, 1965

Dolly Parton ~ January 16, 1946

Mary J. Blige ~ January 11, 1971

Mary Tyler Moore ~ December 29, 1936

Annie Lennox ~ December 25, 1954

Victoria Principal ~ January 3, 1950


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    • KateWest profile image

      KateWest 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Thanks from a Capricorn!

    • Monisajda profile image

      Monisajda 7 years ago from my heart

      Thank you for your hub. I enjoyed looking at beautiful Capricorn women, too.