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The web site marketing strategy of mavenship

Updated on February 21, 2008

Do your competitors just get in the way?

What if I told you there was a way to simply eliminate the competition. Basically, make them disappear?

And I'm not talking about sending in professional killers...although that option may be tempting as well.

I'm talking about setting yourself so far apart from your competition that they're not even competition anymore. They're just the people running around chasing after the crumbs you drop.

You get to choose the best clients, earn more, and even work less if you choose.

What is this revolutionary technique?

Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham have dubbed in 'becoming a maven' so we'll go with that since they make a lot more money than I do!

Do you stand out from the crowd?
Do you stand out from the crowd?

What is a maven?

A maven is the person in a particular market or industry that is seen as the expert by the rest of the market. They are commonly known by the name, 'Guru.'

They are the people that everyone else seems to follow. They can charge incredible rates because of the value they provide.

They have set themselves apart from the rest of the market with a combination of positioning, personality, and knowledge.

Some examples:

  • Jay Abraham - Direct Marketing
  • Rich Schefren - Business Growth
  • Tony Robbins - Personal Growth
  • Donald Trump - Real Estate
  • Warren Buffet - Investment
  • Robert Kiyosaki - Financial Education

The names are irrevocably tied to the market they serve. And you can be too. Sure, dominating a huge area like these people do can be a little hard work, but you can definitely be the expert in your own niche, can't you?

Can you be a maven too?

I would say the answer is a resounding YES! Looking at those names above can make it seem like a goal that's out of your reach, but it really isn't. All these people started small and grew into these positions. Plus, do you really need the international spotlight that these people receive to make your business successful? Probably not. Although I'm sure it would be nice.

The fact is, in tonnes of niches across the world, there are experts. These are a people that if you do a search on they will come up time and time again.

For example, I was looking to buy a webcam and so I went to Google and typed in "webcam reviews." Who comes up as the first website?

Who is Cowboy Frank? He's a guy that just decided to review webcams. He has webcams all over his house and has written loads of great reviews on his website. He has great information, a character you simply don't forget, and I'd recommend his site to people that were looking for webcams.

Cowboy Frank is a great example of a regular guy who became a maven in his market. His website isn't sleek and professional looking, but it reflects his personality and is real. He wasn't even technically a cowboy until a few years ago, he just liked them and wore a cowboy hat.

His website receives more than 40,000 visits a month. Sound like something you might be interested in? And you need to remember he wasn't trying to create a position of mavenship, it just happened. Imagine if you really focused your attention on achieving these results.

But I don't think I'm an expert

A lot of people don't think they have the experience and knowledge to become a maven. I would say that's completely untrue. During our lives we all develop strengths and obtain knowledge that is very specialised.

In addition, being a maven means being able to explain complex ideas to your market, to speak to them at their level. So remembering the learning process you've been through is also very important in building a relationship with your market.

I coach small business owners on the Internet. I help them improve their websites and then market them. Now, I'm NOT the biggest expert in web design. I'm NOT a full time Search Engine Optimisation expert and have NOT studied usability to a high level at University.

What I am is a person who understands how to apply a framework and strategy to a small business website. That is my maven area, that is what sets me apart. If I need to learn more about a particular area, I can. It's a lot easier for me to learn new concepts on the Internet than a small business person who's just starting out.

The fact is, I know a lot more than small business owners when it comes to getting the most out of their website. I don't know everything, but as long as I'm willing to keep learning, I'm always going to be light years ahead of them.

I learn from various experts on the Internet, apply my own ideas and approach, and then explain it in simple terms to create a mix that really works for me.

This allows me to build my own position of mavenship in my niche, and you can do it for yours as well.

So what do I do?

I talk a lot of this approach and apply it to websites for my hubs. While I haven't talked explicitly about mavenship the undertone is there by creating great content and building a relationship with your visitors.

You can read more on how to apply it to your website by reading:

But when it comes to creating great mavens you should go to the source. Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham have just published a report called:

The reports from these guys in the past have changed businesses, they've changed lives. They aren't a bunch of sales hype and empty promises, you'll learn more from this report than most ebooks you buy from 'gurus.'

Is there a sales pitch, yes. But it's right at the end if you want to continue the journey with them. You see, they practice what they preach. By giving incredible amounts of free content away, it removes all sorts of barriers from the buying process.

You should at least read this report to see how real head of the pack mavens do it. And no I don't get any affiliate commissions or payments from saying this. All I'm trying to do is help you make a step towards success for your business and website. And if you like it, I hope you remember who referred you to it!

One last thing...I haven't actually read it yet. I printed it out last night and it's waiting for me at home to read tonight. That's how sure I am...I'm recommending it before I even read it... I was on the calls with Rich and Jay when they laid this stuff out and it was incredible. The manifesto will be even better, I guarantee.

That's all folks!

I'm going to leave it there as I think the manifesto will lay it all out better than I can right now (you don't really want an 83 page hub, do you?). I may come back and add some of the critical takeaways after I've digested it, but that will probably be the whole report.

Let me know what you think of it and whether you think mavenship is for you or not. I'd particularly like to hear any reasons why you think you can't do it.

It's time to stop worrying about marketing your website yourself. It's time to become a maven and let other people market it for you.


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    • profile image

      Bernhard Fraling 8 years ago

      Hi Craig,

      thanks a lot for this hubpage.

      It´s great.

      Best wishes from the exact other

      side of the globe in Germany.

      Best wishes


    • turnkeymentors profile image

      turnkeymentors 8 years ago

      Great hub, Simple and logical.

      The "Maven model" is a solid way of building authority and trust

    • profile image

      foxwholesale 9 years ago

      Craig wanna make alot of money with your Hub? if so email me im targeting marketers.

    • Craig Dewe profile image

      Craig Dewe 9 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      Hi Jenny. Yes, it's a great read and really gets people started on the right foot by laying out their "Maven Persona."

      Of course they leave out then how to really promote that persona but can't give away the whole farm I guess!

      I recommend it as a great starting point though.


    • Inspirepub profile image

      Inspirepub 10 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I've read that one, Craig, and every person in business need to understand it!

      It's free, too.

      Practising what they preach.