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Tips for spring cleaning your home

Updated on April 7, 2008

Spring is here and that means spring cleaning. As much as most people hate cleaning it doesn't have to seem like such a chore. I mean it time to get ready to reguvina yourself and your home for the coming season. When your house is in order and clean it makes everyone feel better, studies actually show people have more energy and are happier when their homes are orderly. So where to start?

I always start with the most used rooms in my home, well my logic here is that if I get the worst rooms done first the rest won't seem so bad...LOL Anyway I usualy start with the kitchen. We all clean the floors and counters but at least once a year, around spring we have to consider cleaning every inch. Here are some areas that usually get forgotten.

Under thefridge, dishwasher & stove

cuberts top, bottom, under the dishes, pots & pans

walls, edges

dish drying rack, cutlery drawers and racks

fridge and feezer,

Stove, oven, hood and fan

food cuberts and pantry

an other furniture wipe down and/or polish

The next room the bathroom....

Do your usual cleaning plus, giving an extra scrub to the toilet and tub.

Ceiling or wall fan

Wipe down walls, and baseboards

wash shower curtain, or doors

behind toilet, under counter,& sinks

Clean out cups, toothbrush an soap holders

Afer those two rooms are complete, and any other bathroom you may have it time to tackle the bedrooms. Depending on who lives with you and how many bedrooms you have I suggest getting everyone involved in their own room. With small children of course you will want to help. Make a list for each room discribing what you want to get done then encourage them to give their own suggestion. Things like putting away winter clothes, and equipment. Dusting organizing take time to make a donation pile, clothes that don't fit toys that don't get used, computers, books whatever. Move the beds clean underneath, clear shelves and closets.

For the rest of the house clean out cuberts and closets, dust every peice of funtiture and clean underneath. Sweep, mop, vacuum again wipe down walls, basebaords, pictures, mirrors take down curtains wash if possible; if you can't wash throw them in the dryer with a dryer sheet for a few minutes to fluff and freshen. Go through the garage and attic clean up and move things out, either for dontion or for yard sale.

Take the time to freshen your home for spring, for health and for happy days.


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    • starrwriter profile image


      10 years ago from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

      Thanks for the timely information. I've already started my clearning but your Hub covered a few things that I missed. I have a hub on A/C maintenance that goes along with the "spring chores" theme. Please feel free to check it out at my hub. Thanks again for the spring cleaning tips.



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