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How To Earn Money From Social Bookmarking Sites

Updated on May 27, 2008

Social bookmarking is very popular nowadays. People are flocking to social bookmarking sites to search for interesting topics, bookmark their favorites articles, sites, photos and videos online as well as their own sites and posts. In using their services though, we have to make sure that we are not overdoing it as some sites may think you are self-promoting or spamming. This is one of the strict rules of some social bookmarking sites and it is best to follow this rule if you want to keep your good record in the community.

Is it possible to earn money from these sites? Yes, it is. There are some bookmarking sites that share revenue to its members. How do they do this? Some sites share revenue to its members through google adsense. They ask you for your adsense ID and once you submit it, ads on your pages will appear. Once a visitor to your bookmarked content clicks on the ads, you earn money. In order to find the sites that share revenue to it's members, just type "revenue sharing social bookmarking sites" on google search bar then hundreds of listing will result.

How to Use Social Bookmarking: Building Traffic & Your List

One way to earn money from these sites is by driving traffic to your site or blog. Many bloggers and website owners monetize their blog through adsense. They also add affiliate links to the programs in which they are members of. For the affiliate programs, once a visitor purchases an item from the listing on your blog, you earn commission. But it's easier said than done. Having a blog or website is just the start. In order for people to visit them, you must tell them about it. One way is to bookmark your posts in bookmarking sites as these sites rank high in search engines and once a customer searches for the product, a link to your post comes out in the search results. Then you get traffic. People visit your site. Once they become interested and buy on the products listed on your blog, you earn commission. If not, they click on the other ads on your page then you earn money.

So, have you been trying to increase the visitors to your site? Do you need more traffic ? Try social bookmarking. It's a cheap but proven method.

What is Social Bookmarking and How Do I Use It?


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