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Updated on July 9, 2008

Do we really need branding?


I had just read a book on Women Success Guide. It is about branding. I was wondering do we really need branding? Can we change to someone unique or someone who you really dream to become? Maybe in Singapore here, to certain people "self branding" is not that important, but to some, yes. I remembered my previous company my female colleagues are 'Wow'! They really know how to brand themselves. Intelligent, successful women. Me? I am still in the process of learning but... I wondering if it is really difficult.

What is branding? I flipped through the dictionary to find the actual meaning. It means an identity, the characteristic which means when we apply to us... It is a identity, just like our name of how your friends call us. The characteristic of how you project yourself in front to others. In some cases, I really feel that branding is very important just like when we are going for an interview. We always need to give the best image to others. We can never be like an celebrity or whoever I think of. I am just myself. But, we can change to be different or at least change to be better? not worse...

Nowadays, I really feel that branding are important. There are alot image consultants in the market, beauty salon, hair salon, etc.. Even my little cousin also know how to brand himself. By the way, he looks cute. Haha! Branding just comes in every single little things of ourselves. For example clothes that we are wearing, how we speak, how we walk, or even how we treat others. Sometimes I am wondering... How do my friends see me? What brand am I? I guess I'm blur, loyal to friends, sensitive, pessimistic.. To my bosses... not so hardworking enough.. Well, that's me, I guess.

Maybe at this point of time, my little brain is still thinking how to improve myself to be better brand... At least, my dressing can be better, look better.. learn to talk more, be more hardworking? Argh.. I guess I still have a long way to learn. It is a start I guess. Maybe to be a brand, when people starts stalking about you, the first impression is " Oh, I know her. She is a nice person." And not "Hey, she is such a nasty girl, likes to gossip around." Hopefully, I don't fall into that..


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