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Easiest Ways of Making Passive Income

Updated on October 5, 2015

Make Money Online

Think and Grow Rich- Here on Amazon

Change Your Attitude Now and Start Earning

Your attitude is everything when it comes to earning a living outside the box. How do you think people rise from poverty to running their own business? They have to have that good old American bravado. If you are already an entrepreneur you may already be on the right track, and possess potential, if you are attempting to earn outside of your day job for the fist time you will need to re-wire your brain to lay off the negative thinking and start forging ahead . I personally was once one of those employees who thought that six figure opportunities were either a scam or just too much work. I have since learned that the things that sound too good to be true are not, and the things that sound like typical every day jobs are really too time consuming and boring to be acceptable. I was once scared, desperate, and weak. That is because those are some of the emotions that drive people to stick with a job that they hate. They are afraid because they either work for someone else and therefore depend on someone else for support, or do not have a thorough understanding of their own business.

When we think that we need a job to survive, we are resigning to the thought that its impossible to create our own job, and to go with the negative, "just give it up and get a job" rather than accept the new adventure.

When I first started making money online, I told my old world Mexican father that I was tired of looking for work and being turned down. I recall my very successful cousin, who become an entrepreneur about one year before becoming rich, saying that no one ever gets rich by having a job anyway. I stated that I was going to find a way to make a lot of money online, and my dad rolled his eyes. In one month I had $5, and I was thrilled because I knew it was starting to happen. When I mentioned this to my father, he scoffed at the little amount. All he could do was say "get a job, you will never make enough." In 2 months when I cleared $30 passively, he looked a little surprised and muttered a "good!" I know he was still wondering why I was too stubborn to get a job. What he could not appreciate is that I was regularly getting $30 per month without any extra effort. No job can deliver that. Once you don't show up for work the money stops. but I was still getting my $30 per month with no additional effort.

I have to give him credit for acknowledging my little accomplishment by saying, "good", but I don't think the average person realizes just how important passive income is. If the average person would put as much effort into creating passive income as they do their job they would actually graduate from poor to rich because that is one of the big differences between the rich and the poor.

I had a goal of $100 per month, and had it happened within 4 months. Sometimes I actually do get jobs these days but its not for my livelihood, its for education reasons. For example, I considered opening a beauty salon and before jumping into the business on my own I worked for someone to learn the ropes. I got education on the ins and outs of the business on their dime and not mine. Its truly a different feeling to be working for the learning experience rather than for the desperate need of money. I was actually having fun learning when the economy dropped and the other employees were scared of losing their jobs while I simply decided that this might be a good time to quit and focus on other things.

I keep making new goals for myself, and achieving them, and that was something I could never do with a job. A job is just maintaining a status quo.

Think like a boss. If you can read any motivational books, please do. They are an excellent way of keeping your mind focused on thinking big. Read the classic, Think and Grow Rich, and then a few biographies on people like Donald Trump. People who know how to make money.

Visit Entrepreneur Lady and other entrepreneur blogs from time to time for a free motivator, and yes, eye opener.

If you do not have a pad of paper and pen or an electronic device with you right now, get one before continuing. This is business and I am going to ask you to join a few sites, such as this one, Hubpages, and maximize your online earning potential. Please write back to me and let me know how you are doing, I would be glad to help out. The sites are perfectly legit, and are avenues that I have personally used to earn my online income, which is the only way that I make money these days.

Earning Money Does Not Have to Be Hard

Making Money Writing Online

I will show you how I went from unemployed to making the same amount of money that I was making when I had a job in a matter of months. It will take determination and effort, but its all worth it because you never have to fight with arrogant bosses and coworkers again.

You will call the shots and run your own business in a variety of ways. Just follow the details of what I will present. Have a pad of paper and a pen to right down your new email address, because you will need one to keep these business separate from personal things, and you will get a lot of emails that you do not want to mix into you relaxing messages.

Just go to Yahoo or preferably Gmail and create a new email.

I have tried a few survey sites that paid a little, but I am not going to recommend them here because the amount of money paid out was so small, and the amount of work was very tedious and time consuming. The big drawback is that you have to go through the same thing every month in order to get anything, and I believe in passive income,not working for money. Presented here are sites that will pay well for little effort, or ones that have the potential to bring in long term passive income.

Hubpages, WebAnswers and AdSense

The sites I am about to mention here will pay you via AdSense. This is an ad program owned by Google, and they will not accept your application without seeing you perform first. So after you join Hubpages, write a few hubs without signing up for AdSense, and join WebAnswers, and immediately answer a few questions on that site for free. (They won't start paying you until you answer a few questions free) Make sure you use good grammar and spelling because you are on trial, after they approve you and you are able to start earning you will have it made in the shade.

1) Sign up to Hubpages here.This is the vehicle that will launch your earning potential fast. It is not an overnight growth, but in a few months you will have a good passive income. Some writers make $50 per month, and others make $4000 per month. It's a matter of cranking out a lot of hubs that are worth reading. This can be done easily if you just think of it as a job. If you were on the clock and had to perform you would do it. Now Hubpages is your job and you should write a minimum of one hub per day. We will move on to another avenue and remember that building online content will bring you passive income. This is the easiest way of getting something on a regular basis. It is not the easiest or fastest way of getting a lot of money passively. We will get to that later.

2) Sign up for WebAnswers. This is a way that money can be seen rather quickly, compared to any other online method. You will make more money at WebAnswers than you will at Hubpages initially. So if you need money now, StartHere with Webanswers. All you do is get paid for asking and answering questions. You are getting paid for performance, so do the best you can at answering. This gives you instant gratification, but, within a few months, after your hubs mature, you will not only be getting more from Hubpages, but it will be % passive, and continuing to grow as your articles mature.

Spending the next few months working in between these two sites will generate your income and start you on your way to serious money.

After you have worked these sites hard for a few months you will want to start a blog and drive your Hubpages traffic there. Also, you should consider writing an eBook. This is a way of having the beauty of passive income, combined with the immediate lump sum.

So, a network of your own blog that advertises your ebook and these Hubpages guiding traffic to your blog will definitely provide a diversified online business for you.

How to Make Money Fast Without a Job

A few years ago I decided that I would join a multi level marketing company because through research I learned that average people have become super wealthy by joining them. Even though I knew it could be done I was simply not sure where to start, then I met a couple who seemed to have it all. They have four kids and never seem to be working. When I was invited to their home I was stunned to see a gorgeous home with a pool and tennis court. That night I got up the courage to ask them what they did for a living and was told to my surprise that they are involved in Legal Shield, a multi level marketing company that provides average people will legal insurance at a cost of approximately $1 per day.

MLM Companies that are strong,

  • AVON
  • Mary Kay
  • Organo Gold Coffee
  • Herbalife.


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    • jantamaya profile image

      Maria Janta-Cooper 

      5 years ago from UK

      Great advice. Thank you for writing. I'll check WebAnswers, and I'll get rich! :-) Wish you the same! Voted up.


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