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How to Make Money on the Internet - Free Ways to Earn Cash

Updated on September 16, 2015

How to Make Money on the Internet

Want to know how to make money on the internet? The internet is full of a great deal of ways to make money; however, there are also a great deal of scams that are found via online. Making money on the internet is not a quick way to get rich, although it can be a great income revenue stream in time with a lot of hard work and time invested. A rule of thumb when it comes to earning money on the internet is to never pay for any type of services. A service that requires payment is generally a scam. So where are some great places on how to make money on the internet? Well, right here at Hubpages you'll find answers. Below you find the most common ways and a few unique ones where people earn money today online.

Did you know that a great people earn several hundreds or even thousands a month via online each month? Hard work and time are the basic key ingredients to monetary success on the internet.

Make Money Online Doing Surveys

You can make some extra money through legitimate companies, such as Pinecone Research.
You can make some extra money through legitimate companies, such as Pinecone Research.


Online companies, such as PineCone Research, pay individuals to partake in filling out surveys. Survey pay generally depends on the company and can be anywhere from a few bucks to fifty dollars for compensation. So how does a survey work? When a participant joins a company, they fill out a series of questions about his or her household. Questions that are generally asked are the participant’s name, how many people reside in the household, the household family ages by person and other detailed inquiries. The purpose of the lengthy application form is to provide a survey company with matches for companies that they partner with. Some companies want specific people to partake in their inquiries.

After a participant is accepted by an online survey company, if he or she matches specific details to a questionnaire then a survey is offered with compensation after completion. The participant answers a series of questions that can be just about anything from products to services. After finishing a survey, then money is issued for the participant’s time. Some companies have an earnings threshold that must be met before payment is issued. Therefore, read over the terms of use before agreeing to survey work. A great site for researching online survey companies is Survey Police is a site that has users rate and review companies that offer surveys for cash. It’s also an exceptional site to research survey companies to determine who pays the best, who are scam like web services, and other key objectives to look for this line of work.

Tip: You can also earn money reviewing products for websites. A popular site to do so is

Make Money Writing Online

You can generate additional income streams by writing content for multiple 2.0 websites.
You can generate additional income streams by writing content for multiple 2.0 websites.

Writing Articles

If you enjoy writing articles then you will find many online opportunities for making money. As of 2010, the internet has exploded with many companies that offer compensation for content. Why? Because advertising via online pays big bucks; thus, how most online websites make money. Articles are used to drive traffic to websites to earn revenue. Google, the biggest search engine, favors websites and pages with unique content. Google even raves that content is king. So how do websites pay people? Depending on a website, you can be paid upfront a flat fee, by the number of views that you generate or advertising revenue share. Some sites may pay a mixture of all of the above. You can even write here on Hubpages. Hubpages works by splitting Google Adsense revenue 60 percent to you and 40 percent to them. You can also use Amazon Associates on Hubpages to earn sales commission. Pretty neat, huh? Consider signing up with Hubpages here: Hubpages Sign-Up, and give it a try. It’s free to join. Other popular sites are,,,, and

Make Money Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Did you know that you can get paid to shop? Did you also know that in large metropolitan areas that some individuals earn a fulltime living as a mystery shopper? The process involves signing up with companies via online and then you are given several assignments that are currently available for your area. If you find one that you would like to complete based on the pay amount and instructions then you claim the title, fulfill the job instructions and then get paid. If you are interested in mystery shopping as a way to earn extra money, then click: how to become a secret shopper for more in depth information about the career.

Making Money by Blogging or a Website

You can generate some extra cash with a blog or website.
You can generate some extra cash with a blog or website.

How to Make Money on the Internet with a Website or Blog

If you are interested in full control of your content then consider starting your own website or blog to generate money. You can earn money with a website or blog through advertising programs such as (Google) or internet affiliate programs where you get paid a commission for selling company goods via your internet site. Other advertising programs are,,,, and many others. Some pay a certain amount per click if a user of your site clicks one of the advertising while some pay per view of the advertising.

The most popular affiliate programs that people use on a website are Amazon Associates, eBay,,,, and You are paid a certain percentage for selling products on any of your website pages. If you cannot afford a website or blog then try out to make money with Adsense if you are new to making money on the internet. Don’t apply for Adsense until you have about 20 or 30 pages of content. Google has become picky over the years to who they accept in the program due to people abusing the system.

How to Make Money on the Internet: with content, photography and other ways. Image courtesy of: compose/
How to Make Money on the Internet: with content, photography and other ways. Image courtesy of: compose/

Selling Pictures

If you have experience in photography, then consider selling stock photographs online.,,, and others share a commission or buy pictures. Be aware that these stock photography sites are very picky. Consider learning about “noise” in photography and read the FAQ of sites to gain knowledge on what sites look for.

Make Money on the Internet by Designing Things

Some sites such as and allow people to make designs that are then uploaded and can be placed on cards, shirts, binders, cups and just about anything you can imagine. These sites allow people to earn extra money through commission of sales that are generated from designs. Read through the sites forums and FAQs to learn the ropes on proper design, promotion and other tips for making money on the internet with your designs.

Completing Tasks for People

Some sites such as,,,, and others are gathering places for companies and individuals to post job opportunities and find workers to do a job. Some of the jobs that are available are making logos for websites, designing websites, writing content and other tasks. An individual reads over the job description and then bids on the job. Some sites work a little differently; therefore read over the FAQ and other information found under “About Us” to understand how the site’s processing works.

How to Make Money on the Internet with YouTube

Making Money Blogging Tutorial


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