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How to Earn Extra Money - Ways to Make Cash

Updated on September 14, 2015

Do you need to know how to earn extra money? Got a past due bill that should of been paid last week? Need extra money to pay for Christmas or other holiday gifts? Have you recently lost your job and need something to help take the edges off until you secure another job? Sometimes events come up where we need to make extra money fast. There are literally tons of ways to make money all around you – everyday. Sometimes we overlook money making opportunities when they stare us right in the face. You just have to open your eyes to what opportunities are out in the world. Here’s a huge list to get you started so that you can start earning extra money – start your quest today.

Earn Extra Money by Donating Plasma

** You can earn extra money fast by donating plasma. You are paid after the procedure is completed.
** You can earn extra money fast by donating plasma. You are paid after the procedure is completed. | Source

How to Earn Extra Money by Selling Plasma

If you are in desperate need to earn extra money, you can sell your plasma and in exchange help people out at the same time. The plasma that you donate for money will be used to help patients that are suffering from severe burns and those who are diagnosed with health conditions, like hemophilia. Donating plasma also helps with further medical research. Compensation is generally around $25.00 for the first time and ten to twenty dollars in addition to the $25.00 for the second donation in a week span. Only donate twice a week – you need to allow your body to replenish the plasma that is lost from the donations. Expect the procedure to take an hour to two hours.  By donating plasma twice a week, you have the potential of earning an extra $60 to $75 per week or roughly around $250 per month. To find a plasma center in your area, visit:

Bartending Can Earn You Extra Moola


Earn Extra Money by Working a Job that Pays With Tips

Bartending and waitressing can bring you in extra money very quickly – even for your first work day. If you have a friendly personality and get along with people then consider picking up a few shifts at your local bar or restaurant to make some extra money. Avoid college bars, even if popular. These types of establishments are not good money makers when it comes to tips. College students are generally very low income; therefore, you won’t get much out of customers for tips. Stick with membership clubs. Polish National Alliances, American Legion locations, VFW establishments and other types all make for better places to earn more money. If you can get a gig at a yacht club or upper class bar then you will do the best for bartending tips. Casinos are another good place to earn extra money bartending. Choose popular restaurants for employment instead of slow diners in your area if you want to make as much as you can in tips.

Have a Yard Sale at Your Home or Visit Outlets to Sell Your Items to Earn Money

Sell Stuff to Make Extra Cash

If you have electronic goods – video games, game consoles, televisions and stereos then you can sell these very quickly to make extra money at or even by taking them to a pawn shop in your area. The benefit to sell things on is that you don’t have the hassles of having to ship items. You simply list the item under your area on the website, like you would in a newspaper, and buyers meet you and exchange your item for money. There is also no fee to, which makes it an excellent source to sell things to make money. If you do not feel comfortable allowing someone to come to your home to buy your things, meet them in a public parking lot. Wal-Mart stores are great places to do exchanges; there is camera surveillance in the parking lots. You can also visit a store in your area that buys used DVDs and video games. Look under the yellow pages for “DVDs” “Entertainment” or “Second Hand” to find such stores. Do you have name brand clothing that you can sell? Second hand stores are popping up every where selling name brand baby, teen and adult clothes across the globe. You can sell your clothing if they are in great shape and are made by a designer brand to make some quick cash fast.

Find Online Opportunities to Earn


Finding Online Jobs

There is a literally so many ways that you can earn extra money on the internet. Click: How to Make Money on the Internet for a detailed write up on how you can get started with all of the various ways to supplement your income via online. Interested in working as a mystery shopper? There are hundreds of companies online that hire independent contractors to rate and review stores, restaurants, hotels and just about any type of business that you can think of. If you are interested in this method to earn extra money, then click: How to Become a Secret Shopper to find out how to get started today. It's a lengthy article discussing how you can find the right companies and not get scammed out of money.

Junk Metal Scraps Can Make You Money

Take junk metals to local recycling facilities to make extra money.
Take junk metals to local recycling facilities to make extra money. | Source

Sell Scrap Metal for Quick Cash

Do you have a lot of junk metal lying around in your yard or see a lot of properties in your area that do? Well, that junk metal is worth something and can earn you extra money. Round up as much as you can and take it to a recycling facility or dump that pays for scrap metal in your area. Copper and other metals are very high in price. You can check out anytime to see what the going rate is per pound or ton for all of the variations of scrap metals. If you have a car trailer, you can earn extra money hauling away junk vehicles for people plus earn for disposing of the car. Some dumps and recycling places pay for junk vehicles for the metal value. Inquire with your local facility if they or your state requires that you have they vehicle titles when dropping them off. Some places require this to get paid.

Selling Gold Jewelry and Scrap Precious Metals is Lucrative


Gold for Cash - Make Money

Surely you’ve seen the advertisements of television for selling your old gold jewelry and getting compensated for your goods. It is genuinely a great way to earn extra money; however, before you go a sale spree, take your jewelry to a couple of jewelry stores and ask them what they would guess your items are worth. Some jewelers may do this for free or a small fee. Then try selling them to a few pawn shops or jewelers before you mail your items in the mail. Mailing your items to one of those types of companies is a little risky. Your items could get lost or stolen in the mail or be paid peanuts for your valuables. Try other means before you decide to go the mail route to earn extra money.

People Want Your Hair and Pay Cash

Sell Your Hair for Money

Do you have beautiful long hair that has never been processed with chemicals or dyes? If so, then you may be able to earn extra money (like several hundreds of dollars) by selling your hair. Sites like put buyers and sellers together in a market for hair. You can post your ad to that site or similar ones and ask for what ever price that you want for your locks. A word to the wise, do not cut your hair until you have a serious buyer who forks over at least half of your asking price. Read the site’s tips for selling and taking pictures of your hair to ensure a quick sale.

Clean Foreclosed Homes and other Types of Foreclosures for Banks and Mortgage Holders

Working for Banks - Earning Extra Income

With the rise in foreclosures, banks need people to go into houses or businesses and haul things away and clean up. Until these tasks are done, a property cannot be put up for sale. Visit banks local real estate businesses or mortgage holder companies in your area and inquire if they need anyone to go in and complete clean up on foreclosed properties. If people were forced to move out quickly and did not take all of their belongings, generally the bank just wants them out. Therefore, you may be able to keep items or sell them to make a profit. Before you do so, check with the bank or mortgage company first to make sure it is okay. You will most likely be under contract with one of those entities; therefore, you may be issued a 1099 for your pay. You will need to pay the IRS income tax on this extra money that you earned.

Make Money Selling Firewood or Your Timber


Sell Wood for Cash

You can earn some extra money if you have access to cheap or free wood. As the cost of heating increases, people turn to wood to supplement or fully heat their homes. People are particular when it comes to firewood and pay higher prices for wood that is already cut and spit. If you also have access to a log splitter, chainsaw and truck then you can cut, split and delivery pickup loads of firewood for extra cash. If you have quality timber logs on your property, you can also sell trees to earn extra money. Certain species of trees fetch high amounts of money if they are veneer quality. Get several quotes from different timber buyers before you sell your trees. When the logs are harvested, cut the tops that are left behind and sell them as firewood to people for additional cash.

Snowplow or Shovel Snow for Money

Removing Snow for Money

Do you have a truck with a plow or even a snow shovel? Well then you can make some extra money by removing snow. In winter months, people hate having to shovel sidewalks and remove snow from driveways. This type of task is often outsourced to others. If you don’t mind working outside in winter months then consider plowing driveways or shoveling to make money. The elderly will most likely be your biggest employers that will hire you to remove snow. Put up some flyers on walls in store entry ways for your services. Charge a flat rate per job that is reasonable and you’ll soon get a steady set of clients calling for your services. Expect that you may have to get up early to remove snow that has fallen over the past night so that people that need to go to work can get out of their homes and driveways. People are going to count on you; therefore, you must be reliable to do this line of work.

Deliver Newspapers for Cash


A Newspaper Delivery Route Can Earn You Extra Money

Apply to your local newspaper for delivery drivers to earn extra money. Delivery drivers are always needed and in high demand. Typically, drivers only work a few hours a day and the task is fairly simple. You are given a route to deliver papers early in the morning. You do this in your own vehicle; therefore, you work independently. Give it a try it you think you’d enjoy  it to make some extra cash.

Coaching for Local High School Sports for Extra Income


Coaching for Cash

Apply to nearby high schools for coaching positions to earn extra money if you enjoy sports. You aren’t just limited to football. You can coach baseball, volleyball, softball, basketball, track and field, swimming, cheerleading and what ever else is offered in your area. Coaches are generally paid several thousand in compensation for the season. Inquire in the summer months if there is any vacancies open to earn extra money.

Farmers Always Need an Extra Pair of Hands


Work in Your Spare Time on a Farm

If you don’t mind the scent of the “country air” and being around farm animals then consider asking some nearby farmers if they need an extra pair of hands. You can earn extra money by helping farmers bail hay, load and unload hay wagons, shovel manure, plant crops and by milking cows. Although this isn’t one of the most glamour gigs around, it’s still a good way to earn extra cash when you’re short. There’s always a lot of work to be done on a farm, so you might just find yourself another way to supplement your income by giving it a try.

Teach a Class to Make Extra Money

Teach others how to do tasks and make money at the same time.
Teach others how to do tasks and make money at the same time. | Source

Inquire at the YMCA or Similar Organizations - Teach Classes for Money

Do you have a skill or gift for teaching? Inquire at the YMCA in your area or other similar organizations and see if you can pick up an extra gig to make extra money. You could teach swimming lessons to kids, crafts, Tae Kwon Do (if qualified), exercise classes and other similar activities in your spare time. Keep in mind that you may need special training to teach certain classes. A CPR training class will need to be taken first before you can teach swimming lessons. You could also teach an English as a Second Language (ESL) community class to earn extra money. Visit to find income opportunities in your area.

Work as a Nurse's Aide


Work as a Nurse Aide Part-Time to Boost Your Income

Open up a newspaper and you’ll find a lot of jobs that are advertised for CNA positions or nurse aides that are greatly needed in hospitals, nursing homes and home personal care. The United States Department of Labor Statistics states that this job is expected to become vary highly demanded for at least the next decade and the overall job outlook is excellent. You’ll need a high school diploma or GED to be able to take a very short course so that you can work as a CNA. Call around to vocational schools in your area to find where the course is offered nearby. With the high demand of this job and the short supply, you can easily earn extra money. Most employers allow individuals to work part time if requested. The Department of Labor Statistics also states that the CNA average wage is between $11.00 and $12.00 per hour.

Deliver Goods and Provide Services for Money


How to Make Extra Money with Delivery Services

If you don’t mind driving to earn some extra money, you can deliver groceries to elderly, haul around those without a driver’s license and even haul away things that people no longer want for a fee. Skim the newspaper and read ads where elderly people are looking for someone to do their grocery shopping and delivery. Work out a fair deal for your compensation. If you live near areas where Amish live, charge them to provide rides to where they need to go. Check your laws first by contacting your local DMV. You may need a chauffeur license in your state. You can also deliver pizzas for shops. Pizza businesses are always looking for people to deliver. You not only get paid per hour, you also get paid tips. It’s not something to make a career out of; however, you can supplement what income you do have with this type of opportunity. While you are skimming the newspaper, look for ads where people are seeking someone to haul things. People that don't have trucks or large vehicles to transport items can be charged delivery or haul away fees for your services. If you don’t see any ads in your local newspaper then hang flyers up in store entryways and post advertisements on

Earn Extra Money - by Jayme Lee

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