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Make Money Online. Some Great Ways

Updated on May 10, 2015

Yes, You Can Make Money Online

A few years ago, I wondered if I could make money online. I was not fixated on earning a six figure income, I just wanted between $20 and $50 per day, so that I would not be completely dependent on my job. The quest was long, clumsy, and at times, a waste of time. I joined some sites that were not very good, spent time writing on them, only to let my hard work get gobbled up when the sites went under, and in some cases I moved my articles from flailing sites to Hubpages, this site.

If only I had known then what I know now. But, that is the reason for this article. I intend to present some great ways of earning money that are proven, solid, and will deliver.

First, I will highly recommend joining this site because, as mentioned above, when all the other copy cat sites went under, Hubpages remained strong, because it is owned by Google.

No matter what you plan to do in your making money online quest, joining Hubpages wil be beneficial because it is a popular site that gets a lot of traffic. If you build a website, you can link pertinent articles from this site to your blog, making it easier for your clients to find your site. Just create a profile and start writing ASAP, and you will see how, with time and creating a lot of articles, you will see the money rolling in passively every day. To join Hubpages CLICK HERE,

The Goldmine called eBay

Whether you are out to make millions or just supplement your income, ebay can be the tool you need. Recently, there has become a trend with people who want to know how to make easy money. There are ways to make easy money, but it will take some learning what your money making online options are. You can make money on ebay relatively fast.

If you are interested inmaking money online and are not sure where to start, eBay is probably the easiest place to begin. If you are new to eBay, you must first register for a free eBay user account. This site is an auction format, sellers list items and buyers bid on them. There is also an option to "buy it now" and avoid the auction altogether. Each eBay item has its own auction; buyers can choose the price they are willing to pay by bidding on the item or "buy it now" for an amount that the seller has listed. This process is the equivalent of an online garage sale.

It is best to have a PayPal account, as it has become the standard payment option allowing customers to register a bank account, credit card or debit card against which they can charge their purchases. Some customers also keep funds in the PayPal account having funds ready for future purchases.

Read about this writer's success. My ebay Success Story In 2011

Make Money on ebay Selling

  1. Create an eBay store. An eBay store lets sellers display all the items they sell in one place, under one virtual roof. Some stores sell niche items and all their auctions are for very similar products. Other stores are more like general stores. If someone clicks on a particular auction item and likes what you are selling, they can access your store site from that auction and other items you are selling online, kind of like blogging and driving traffic.
  2. Helping other people sell their items. You may do this with one of the drop off franchise retail stores (AuctionDrip and iSoldit), or you may wish to do it as an independent consultant. The bottom line here is: learn and help others do it for a fee or percentage of what you sell for them on eBay.
  3. Buy an entire lot.There are many items being sold on eBay in bundles of 20 50, or 100. These are people who managed to buy a bulk of something at a discount price. Re-list and resell items individually. The profit from selling items individually will usually be higher than selling the items as a group.
  4. Buy items that have not included a photo. By not including a picture many buyers will simply ignore the product altogether. Photograph the item and re-list it. You stand to profit at least 20%.
  5. Teach others about eBay. There is an Education Specialist certification program available from eBay, where you would be responsible for offering others guidance.
  6. Find poorly listed items and mark them up. I personally have had some luck with buying products people have spelled incorrectly in their listing, and simply re-listing the item with the correct spelling.
  7. Reverse e-commerce and drop Shipping. Find a company that will supply and drop ship high quality products that you sell first then order from the supplier. These companies offer hundreds of products they can drop ship to eBay buyers. Most suppliers do not require payment of the wholesale cost of the item until a sale is made.
  8. Buy and re-list auction items that have a more desirable ending time. Some items may end at 2:30am and sell for less than they would if they had closed at 2:30pm. Watch auction closing prices and times to see if you can see a pattern. Buy items from auctions that end low un popular times and re-list them to close higher at busy times.
  9. If you have another business, advertise your service. If you have a service business such as permanent makeup artist, you may list a coupon on eBay. For example you could say. $50 off permanent tattoo by Skarlet, and let the bidding wars begin. Not only is the name of your business searchable on google while listed on eBay, but it's a way of branding your business name to a large number of potential customers for FREE.
  10. People will pay more on eBay. I suppose its the feeling of competition, but people will pay more for items on eBay than they will in a store. I have seen it for myself when buying products that I know are $150 in the store brand new, and I see them on eBay for $170. This is very common with Apple products. Knowing that many will pay more for a product on eBay than they will retail, we can also assume that if we were to buy a desirable item, such as a Dooney and Bourke purse, for a decent price at an upscale resale store, that we can mark it up on eBay, and it really works!

People Do Make Good money Online

The first year of working ebay will be your most difficult. Sometimes the mindset itself is the problem. We are taught early on that in order to make any money we have to go to work. In a sense, that is a falsehood. Do you know anyone who is getting rich by going to their job? Probably not. A job has limitations. If you were hired to be paid $30 per hour, ten you will be paid $30 per hour. There are not enough hours in the day for that to come to 1 million dollars in one year. So, no matter how much overtime you put in your job, and no matter how many degrees you earn, you will still be only making X amount of money per hour and at the end of the year you will notice that you have made under 1 million dollars.

With any online venture, you are being more of an entrepreneur, and you are your own boss. The sky is the limit. You can devise a system that will bring in 1 million dollars or more. Its a matter of thinking outside the box. If you have been a government, or union worker, this will take some time, as you have been trained not to think outside the box.

When I lived in Los Angeles I knew a lot of Mexican immigrants, and became fascinated by one in particular. The reason I became fascinated by him was because he carried himself with such confidence, and he seemed so knowledgeable about everything. It was during the presidential campaign of 2008. Most of the "little people" thought Obama was going to help them get ahead, and were eagerly casting their vote for him. But this man was saying, "I'm not fool enough to vote for that guy, I am voting for myself and checking off Republican all down the line." He stated that he did not want to vote for someone who acted like he was going to be our daddy. Instead, he wanted to have the freedom to be his own daddy, and hold onto the money he would make.

When my husband and I got talking about businesses, he told us that he was making most of his money online at the moment. He started an ebay account and collaborated with some entrepreneurs who he had met while networking. After selling junk around his home, he and his team, invented a product. When I saw his home, I was impressed. This guy who was born in Mexico avoided doing what most of the Mexican immigrants end up doing. They get stuck in a job where they make very little money, and have very little time. But this man was living in a home that was worth approximately 2 million dollars. He thought with his own mind, and when people told him he should be doing something else, he ignored the temptation of falling into mediocrity and made a fortune.

It can be done with the right mindset.

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  • Skarlet at HubPages
    I write many Hebpages on various subjects including classic Hollywood and vintage everything. I also hubs on business, investing and various ways of generating income. I have also published books, and numerous articles online. Links to many of my pages can be found at the above address. Sincerely, Skarlet


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    • Skarlet profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      @cheetah-Thank you. I have found these to be effective ways to profit, in a slow steady way.

    • Skarlet profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      Thank you teaches. I know what you mean. It is kind of an emotional move to go from buyer to seller.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I love shoppping ebay and have found some really great items on the site. I am not quite ready to enage in the site as a seller. I have friends who do this and make quite a big of money and are top sellers on the site. Great way to make extra income for those who love the challenge of bidding and selling. Great topic shared.

    • cheetah786 profile image


      6 years ago

      great ideas,,

      the idea of buying items in bulk and selling one by one is effective way to increase sales.

      idea of buying items without image and poorly defined is also a great idea...


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