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Make Money in College. How to Make a Lot of Money Now

Updated on June 29, 2014

Six Figures MLM

How to Earn Six Figures in College

Yes, you can earn six figures in college. It will take determination and a strong will but once you are up and going you will think it is easy. I personally joined Legal Shield as an independent representative and began selling legal insurance. I had no idea until I made this move just how many people are grateful for finding a solid and inexpensive way to protect them from identify theft,and to help with all general legal issues that come their way. For as little as $20 per month people are more than willing to pay for this type of protection. Because Legal Shield is a multi level marketing company, there are several ways in which an associate can start to earn money. Legal Shield became extremely famous when Jodi Arias brought the company into a household name because the man she murdered, Travis Alexander was wealthy due to his short involvement with it. Yes, Travis was down on his luck and met a friends who was doing well with Legal Shield. That led Travis to save up the $150 and join Legal Shield as an associate. To join a truly remarkable team that will stand behind you and send you helpful guidance be sure to join through this link. Legal Shield Team Kim.

This is the single best and easiest way of earning six figures without a college education that I know about. There are other very reputable multi level marketing companies out there but I can personally vouch for this one due to my own willingness to do back flips to help out those who join through my link.

If Legal Shield is not for you, there is Organo Gold coffee. People who are attracted to coffee like this one.

Many women do well by selling Avon or Mary Kay, which are both multi level marketing companies.

How To Make A Lot Of Money In College

How to Make money in college. No, it is not impossible to make extra money in college, or even make more money than you ever have before during your study years.

If you are in college and need some cash, it can be almost impossible to work and get good grades at the same time, I have put together a list of some ways that you can earn a substantial income during college, even passively.

If you are just starting college and are not desperate for money yet, I recommend joining Hubpages, and writing as much as you can. Because this is a site where your "hubs" will grow in value over time. What I mean is, you will work hard now, and relax somewhat later, while money continues to come in from articles that you have written a year ago. That is how this system works. If you need money right now, then you should do something that is more like a job. Something in which you will get at least a substantial amount of money for something that you do, but, I highly recommend putting in the effort for the future.

Hopefully you have a little room for planning and can utilize this hub to help make college a lot more pleasant.

To start your Hubpages profile Click Here.

Blogging and Hubpages

If you are already blogging I will still recommend that you join Hubpages. It is a very active community, and you can greatly increase traffic to your blog as well as hone your skills as a blogger. If you are just starting a blog I will very highly suggest that you join Hubpages. I believe it to be the fastest way to gain knowledge of blogging and gain confidence and control of online writing that will take you twice as long if you try to blog without the help of Hupbages.

I had a blog that was lost in the depths of Google's Blogger until I joined Hubpages. I am now generating income from The Pin Up Girl Workout. That may not sound impressive, but I still have yet to add the meat of my content to the blog at this time. I actually gained an audience for my blog by writing for Hubpages.


Both blogging and Hubages take time (a few months) to start generating passive income. If you need money fast,and do not wish to be tied down by a job, I suggest you try webAnswers. This site is in the Beta stage right now, meaning that you can make decent income easily. They are trying to get people to join and you actually get paid to ask questions as well as answer them. When my Hubpages AdSense account was at $20, my WebAnsers was at $50 for the month, and it was so easy work that it can actually be done in between homework questions. Yes, I actually answered webanswers questions during classes. That means that while my friends were sitting bored in the class I was actually earning extra money with either the computer in my class or on my cell phone during lunch. I do urge you to to join and start answering questions right away, because they require that you answer some questions for free just to see if you are literate before they start paying out. It is not many questions really, but if you need to make money soon it is wise not to delay, and start answering the questions right away. If you are interested in joining WebAnswers just clickWebAnswers and get started.

Pet Sitters

Pet sitting is easy, fun, and rewarding work, provided you like animals and are good with them. Just Google "pet sitters" and you will find a variety of sites in your area where some families are willing to pay you to spend the weekend at their home to take care of their dogs, birds, and cats, while others will pay you to walk their dogs every morning.

There is a large variety of pet care opportunities, but be prepared to show references, as people who love their animals enough to pay people to care for them are picky about who associates with their pets.

This is great way to earn extra money during college because pets don't need that much attention and you will find plenty of time to study while you are earning.


If you are interested in writing, and Hubpages is something that you wish to sign with, you may also wish to sign up with Bukisa. Many find it useful to link their blog to Hubpages,a and Bukisa.

The reason that I chose to write for Bukisa is that there are less regulations there. Hubpages has more rules as to the guidelines and I happen to have a lot of content that could be borderline as far as they are concerned. Anything related to sex, even medical, can be denied, and I enjoy not having all my eggs in one basket.

Here is a link to sign up with Bukisa-.


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    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 5 years ago from home


      I gotta say these were not the types of jobs, I thought you migt say would make alot of money in college- I'm a bad boy w a dirty mind...


    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      Thank you teaches12345 I think that animal sitting is real fun and gets one out of the house too.

      @ mecheshier, Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy WebAnswers. After the brief period that you must answer for free, it is kind of uplifting because if you put something into it, you will see dollars, instead of cents a lot faster that you do here.

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 5 years ago

      Thank you for the great Hub. You have some wonderful suggestions. I signed up with Web Answers.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      You suggestion to become a dog sitter/walker is ideal for a college student. This would help to make money and yet get them some needed exercise in. I am sure there are many people who would love to help out a student in this way. Voted up.