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12 Simple Resolutions For A Change In Lifestyle That Can Save You Big Money

Updated on January 25, 2011



How To Save Money With These Simple Resolutions

Earning, spending and saving is all in your hands. No matter how much you earn presently, you will find plenty of ways to spend it. You will agree with me that it takes an effort to learn the art of saving. Some are more careful of their spending habits while others save but do not know where to invest so as to multiply their hard earned money. Outlining certain points below, I will show you how you too can save thereby making you richer by about 1.56 crore Indian rupees in your lifetime.

The points I outline here are within your reach but first you must make up your mind to adhere to it and make it an everyday habit, thereby reaching your goal. Awaken a strong desire in you to be richer, not just money-wise, but also in relationships and in enjoying good health. You will see that it is then effortless and you will subconsciously begin to take on this new lifestyle. The new lifestyle I talk about is a change in certain habits that will leave you more healthy with an active lifestyle, and less dependent on health insurances that can burn a hole in your pocket.

I have called these 12 points as resolutions, so as to get your mind to accept the fact that you need to make them and never break them. Resolutions for every new year are made only to be broken, but when you understand that it can even save money with these small changes in your every day life, you will certainly desire strongly to adhere to them.

Resolution No. 1 - Quit Smoking and Drinking Alcohol Excessively

Most of us are addicted to either alcohol or cigarettes. You know that they are bad for your lungs, but do you realize you are also burning money away. As an example, if you smoke an average of Rs. 40 worth of cigarettes in a day, you will be spending Rs. 1200 in a month. Imagine this saved every month if you will only take the step of quitting smoking. Same also with excessive drinking. Agreed, it is not easy. But little steps can go a long way. Perhaps you can slowly reduce until you give up completely.

Saving : Rs. 1200 every month + saving on life and health insurance.

Resolution No. 2 - Carry Your Lunch To Office

Carrying lunch to office helps you save money and you get to eat nutritious meals that keeps you healthy. If your average meal on office days costs you Rs. 100, then 15 working days translates into Rs. 1500.

Saving : Rs. 1500/month

Resolution No. 3 - Increase The Efficiency of Your AC

At home or office, increasing the efficiency of all regularly used electric appliances such as the air conditioner is necessary. This helps in saving electricity, and improves the efficiency by about 15 %.

Saving : Rs. 10 minimum saved per day during summer.

Resolution No. 4 - Discount Coupons

Coupons attached to menu leaflets of fast food restaurants are a great way to save money with. Go for the offers mentioned.

Saving : Rs. 200 per month on food and grocery bills.

Resolution No. 5 - Car Pool

Join a car pool to office every day. If there is not one from your area, start one.

Saving : If you are traveling 20 km each day to and from office, you must be spending around Rs. 3000 every month. Whereas car pooling with 2 others will help gain Rs. 2000.

Resolution No. 6 - Tutor Your Child

After school tuition costs quite a bit, and it would make sense to tutor your child yourself atleast in the lower classes. Your relationship with your kids is strengthened.

Saving : Rs. 1500 per month for the primary school years.

Resolution No. 7 - Eat At Home More Often Than Dining Out

Eating out means you shell out more for a meal that could have been prepared at home for a fraction of the cost. And restaurant meals are not healthy either.

Saving : A minimum of Rs. 800-1200 is spent while dining out. Every meal outing that is cut out can save you at least Rs. 1000.

Resolution No. 8 - Cut Movie Outings

Watching movies at the multiplexes can set you back by Rs. 800 - 1000 if snacks and drinks are included. Hiring movie DVD's to watch at home can help you save.

Saving : Rs. 750 for every movie.

Resolution No. 9 - Optimise Car Mileage

If your car is a gas guzzler, and you choose to ignore the warning signals, you could be losing money. Maintaining your car is necessary for optimal efficiency.

Saving : You could save upto Rs. 300 if your fuel bill every month is Rs. 3000.

Resolution No. 10 - Walk, Jog Or Go Biking

Gym memberships can be expensive and one can have a great workout on one's own. Jogging or walking in the park or around your locality instead of hitting the gym can definitely increase your life span and builds up your immunity making you happier and healthier.

Saving : Rs. 1000 per month on a gym membership atleast.

Resolution No. 11 - Avoid Beverages

Coffee breaks at office can see you drinking one too many cups of coffee which is not in your favor.

Saving : Atleast Rs. 300 can be saved by cutting down the number of trips for coffee.

Resolution No. 12 - Go Green

Look out for environment friendly items for your home. As an example, choose CFL lamps for your home, which are costly but consume only 22 % of the energy used by an ordinary bulb..

Saving : Changing 15 bulbs to CFL's can bring down your electricity bill by at least Rs. 250 every month.

A Wholesome Indian Meal For Office Lunch


Are You Looking For Way To Cut Costs?

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Lifestyle Modifications that can save you Rupees 1.54 crore in your lifetime.

Lifestyle Modifications
Potential Savings per month
Quit Smoking and excessive drinking
20.2 lakh
Carry homemade lunch to office
25.3 lakhs
Make your airconditioner efficient
1.7 lakh
Use Discount coupons
3.2 lakhs
Car pool
32 lakhs
Tutor your child
11.6 lakh
Cut Dining out expenses
16.8 lakh
Watch movies on rented DVD's
12.6 lakh
Optimise Car Milage
5 lakh
Walk or jog
16.8 lakh
Cut intake of coffee and tea
5 lakh
Go green-use CFL lighting
4.2 lakh

How To Earn Rupees 1.54 Crore From The Above Savings

I have shown you a potential saving every month from the above mentioned resolutions that must be kept. It is certainly not easy to adhere to all resolutions at once. But, even if you choose a minimum of three resolutions and stick with it, you are a winner.

If you were to invest the money thus saved in a scheme that earns 12 % interest every year for 25 years, you would then be richer by 1.54 crore rupees. It is not just the hefty sum you gain, you also become healthier and happier.

HOT TIPS : How To Save Money


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    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Good hub with a lot of useful suggestions for saving money and also improving one's health and happiness. I like the fact that you showed people need to change habits and lifestyles and be committed to doing so in order to acheive these kinds of results.

    • SUSIE405 profile image

      SUSIE405 6 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

      Great tips, I will definately use some of them.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      Thank you for your advice. The details in which you write this hub are very useful. I am always looking for some way to save my money!

    • profile image

      Jalus 6 years ago

      These are excellent tips. I have been trying a few of these things to reduce my expenses and now I have some more to incorporate into my lifestyle. Thank you.