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20 Credit Card Debit Card Wallet Safety Tips

Updated on June 25, 2011

1. Always memorize your debit and credit card pins

2. Destroys the credit and debit card PIN slip after you have received it from the bank

3. For those with difficulty in memorizing their PIN, keep your PIN slip away from your Credit card and debit card

4. Using sing the Credit card debit on the ATM, shield the keypad with your hands and body when keying in your PIN number

5. At the bank ensure the credit or debit card is returned to you after transaction procession. Let the credit and debit card not leave your sight

6. Look around for any suspicious characters before using your Debit or Credit and if they are around do not use your card

7. When your Card has been tampered with avoid using the same card and report to your bank immediately

8. When using credit card and debit cards do not allow anyone to distract you

9. Seek help from trusted source if you have any problem with your Debit or Credit card

10. If at the ATM and it’s not function cancel all transaction and report to your bank as anyone can track your details

11. If your card is stolen report immediately to your bank for cancellation

12. After ATM transaction ensure you retrieved your card and the receipt

13. Do not give people your credit and debit information at will

14. Keep your credit and debit at the safest place your wallet or porches

15. Always confirm when leaving the house if have your credit card and debit card with you

16. When leaving the bank ensure you have your credit and debit in your wallet or porch

17. When back from the bank check if you have the credit card with you

18. Avoid using one ATM station frequently as your movement could be monitored

19. Do not trust anybody who wants to give credit card advice unless it’s your bank

20. Always ensure that you have your credit card and debit card in the right place and at the right time


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