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Credit card theft protection

Updated on December 2, 2010

How to avoid credit card theft

May be you have been wondering how one can use a credit card to purchase a product online. The world has moved to one global village where you have to think globally and act locally. Many transactions are made easier due to the emerging e-commerce business.

This day you do not have to travel to any country just to purchase a product, right now things are down online by the use of credit. Knowing how to use credit card without much risks is the problem, because once you have exposed your credit card information, your account will be defrauded

So there are some basic factors to considers while using credit card

1. Do not give your credit card to anybody you do not trust to help you with your transaction – when in the cyber and want to do an online transaction, you better go with somebody you trust either you wife/husband or your child, giving details of your credit card to person whom you do not know well exposes your chances of being robbed

2. Do your transaction in a securely private place – if you have a credit card and would want to purchase something online, find a good cyber café or anywhere that grantee security and no stranger pops in and out

3. Uninstall in spyware software – whether you are using your on computer to do a transaction online, always remove all spyware programs, these programs normally collect the details on the person using the computer and with these your credit card information are going to be collected.

4. Clear on cookies after doing any credit card transaction, cookies normally have the details of all entries you made while browsing, this will help avoid internet fraudster who check on the cookies to get customers details.

5. Do not expose your credit card details on any material other than the credit card itself, by doing this it is easier to forget this piece of papers than one would forget his or her credit card

6. Before buying with a credit card from any company, check the company profile very well, probably do a such whether they are known to be defrauding people by the use of credit card

7. When your credit card has been stolen, you should report immediately to your respective bank to cancel the credit card

8. When you have any suspicious transaction without your knowledge let your bank know immediately and let them cancel the transaction plus the credit card

Those are some basic step not fall a victim of fraudster online or anywhere while using your credit card; just know where to do your shopping as this will minimize the loose of credit card theft

Credit Card Theft Protection


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