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20 Easy Money Saving Tips

Updated on September 12, 2013

Simple Ways To Save Money In Everyday Life

Some people say they find it impossible to save, but in reality there are always ways to save that little bit extra just by making small changes to the way we live our everyday lives. These changes, small in themselves, may not seem much but added up together they can amount to huge savings, especially when done over a long period of time. The trick is to make them a routine part of your day to day living so that, rather than having to concentrate on them, they become second nature.

Here are 20 simple ways to make small changes in your every day life that can help save money:


1. Turn the lights off when you leave a room. There’s no point illuminating rooms that are not being used and paying for the electricity to do so.

2. Switch off and unplug. Any electronical appliances that are not being used, switch off. Leaving on standby can still use large amounts of electricity.

3. Ditch the landline. If you make most of your calls from your mobile/cell, why have a landline as well? Look for other options and tariffs to maintain your broadband.

4. Wear extra layers. Put on another jumper and some thick socks rather than turning up the heat when you are in the house.

5. Grow your own food. Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs will not only save your money but will provide you with food more fresh than you could ever buy in the shops. Even a small space can be used to grow a surprisingly large amount of food. Even some herbs or salad leaves grown on a windowsill will save you money.

6. Don’t shop for food when you are hungry. You are more likely to buy more. Also make a list of what you need, planning your weekly meals and only buy what is on the list. Planning your meals also reduces the amount of food that is not used and wasted.

7. Avoid charges. Make sure you pay your bills on time to avoid late payment charges and to maintain a good credit record. A poor credit record can mean higher lending charges if you require a mortgage or loan. Look for the cheapest way to pay your bills, usually online or by direct debit. Try to pay annually if there is a higher premium to paying monthly.

8. Use comparison websites. Don’t just accept the renewal price offered by your current provider, shop around using comparison websites and armed with the information obtained, haggle a good price.

9. Why buy new? Cut the cost of buying new goods and source good quality second-hand items from eBay, charity shops or websites such as freecyle.


10. Make packed lunches for work. Rather than buying your food while you are out, prepare food before you leave home and take that with you instead. It’s a great deal cheaper than buying pre-prepared food on the go.

11. Don’t buy cups of coffee. Take hot drinks with you in a flask, or alternatively take a jar of coffee to work and make your own when you arrive. Over the long term it will work out cheaper to buy an electric kettle and coffee rather than paying out for take-away coffees from a coffee shop.

12. Don’t buy bottled water. Unless you live in a country where it is unsafe not to, avoid paying out for bottled water. Use a filter jug at home and use a reusable bottle to take water with you. This will also minimize the amount of plastic bottles going into waste.

13. Give up smoking and reduce your drinking. Both expensive, and cutting out smoking and reducing alcohol intake will be good for your health.

14. Get into the habit of not paying full price. Wait for sales, use restaurant vouchers, money off coupons at supermarkets, and haggle over prices when you buy goods in stores or over the phone.

15. Consider a staycation. Forget about going abroad on holiday and make it a point of exploring and making the most of what’s on your own doorstep. Make it a rule not do any of the usual weekly chores such as dusting and vacuuming.

16. Don’t buy books. Before you buy a book, try the library first. Many libraries will order in books if they don’t already stock it. No library near you? Find free eBooks to download and read instead.

17. Try and go car free. Even if not all the time, try to find ways to get from A to B without using the car. Break the habit of jumping in the car and walk, cycle or catch public transport (if it’s cheaper) instead.

18. Reduce your speed. Decreasing your speed on the motorway/freeway can have a big reduction on your vehicles fuel consumption.

19. Unload the car. Don’t make the car work harder than it has to. Minimizing the weight being carried will reduce the workload on the engine and reduce fuel consumption.

20. Check your car tires. Under-inflated tires will produce more drag and, again, will make your car have to work harder. Remove roof racks and top boxes when not in use, These will reduce the co-efficiency of the car which also results in the engine having to work harder.

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these easy money saving tips and see how all the small changes can, in time, result in large savings.

Do you worry about saving money?

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