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$5,000 in the Next Five Days

Updated on January 15, 2019
5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of $5,000 in the Next Five Days

It’s not impossible! You can do it. Here's how.

You already know that there are tons of ways to make cash with no skills required. You also know how to make some cash when it’s pouring rain outside. So it should be no surprise that you can make at least $5,000.00 in the next five days. Perhaps it will not be wise to perform these money-making tips every five days – I recommend getting a steady, good-paying job for that, but perhaps you can implement these activities once in a while.

Day 1

Today you will begin your quest to make $5,000 in the next five days. Use the day to focus on money that needs to be processed immediately. Funds that regulated by policies and internal operating systems will take time to process, so begin your quest for those funds immediately. Consider cashing in on reward points from your various types of accounts, such as bank account points, hotel and travel points, movie and entertainment points, credit card points, etc. Companies tend to offer rewards for customer loyalty towards maintaining business relationships. Points can be redeemed in accordance with terms and conditions of the company's policies. While proceeds from redeeming points may take more than a week to process and deliver by mail, some proceeds can be setup to be direct deposited. Contact the vendor to request the fastest ways to receive payment from redemption of points.

Contact your Facebook friends online. Request $1.00 from at least 100 of your “friends” on It is recommended that you make the request to twice as many friends on Facebook (i.e. 200 friends), since not all individuals check their accounts every day. Setup your Facebook account so that your friends can make thedonations to deposit directly into a PayPal ( or bank account. If you have access to a debit card linked to your PayPal account for example, the funds are then easily accessible.

You can also borrow from your life insurance policy. Most whole life insurance policies offer interest on the deposits made. The accrual of interest on your policy can be redeemed. Simply contact your life insurance service provider for details on expressly receiving funds from your account.

Points Redemption from Various Accounts = $200.00

Borrowing from Whole Life Insurance = $300.00

$1.00 from 100 Facebook “Friends” = $100.00

Day 1 Collected Total = $600.00

Sell Back In-Demand Textbooks
Sell Back In-Demand Textbooks

Day 2

Continue your quest to make $5,000 in the next five days. Consider renting out a room in your house or apartment. College students, commuters, travelers and vacationers are always seeking a small rental for a short period of time. Consider reaching out to these markets to advertise your room rental. You should be able to locate a renter quickly from various online sites, such as or Be certain to clean the room and conduct a thorough background check of the tenant.

Today you will also spend your time making deliveries or moving items for individuals. Simply drive over to the closest mom-and-pop moving company and offer your assistance to customers throughout the day. Grocery stores are always seeking to pay individuals to make deliveries for customers. Some customers may even pay tips as well.

If your love to read, you may have a small treasure of books with resale value. Selling your books back to most bookstores can provide immediate cash-in-hand. Used and new books can be sold back to stores, such as Barnes and Noble or Textbooks and certain non-fiction books have great resale value.

Room Rental with Security Deposit = $1,500.00

Make Deliveries or Help with Moving = $300.00

Sell Back Books = $100.00

Day 2 Collected Total = $1,900.00

Pawn Jewelry
Pawn Jewelry

Day 3

Another day towards your goal of making $5,000 in the next five days.Today you will spend the day returning as much merchandise as you possibly can. Many times we buy more items than is necessary. The Rule of Thumb is: If you have not used a purchased item within a month from buying it, then you probably do not need it at all. So take a few hours and go through your draws, closets and cupboards to assess what can be returned to the clothing store, grocery store, jewelry store, electronic store, etc.

Jewelry that is not in use can be dropped off at a local pawn shop. You can also pawn electronics and certain appliances that are in excellent condition as well. While you are searching for recent purchases to be returned to the store, gather your jewelry, electronics and appliances that can submitted to a local pawn shop.

Returning Merchandise to Stores = $100.00

Pawn Jewelry, Electronics and Appliances = $500.00

Day 3 Collection Total = $600.00

Day 4

While there are many great ways to make money with your car, renting out your car for a week can generate income in a short space of time. Similar to the services rendered by Avis or Hertz, it is best to clean your car and fill it with gas before renting it out. You should contract with the renter in writing to minimize liabilities, while ensuring the renter is fully insured. Security deposits can also be collected with the rental in case of damage to the vehicle.

Before dropping off your car, consider stopping over by a few family members and friends to borrow some cash. Your mom and dad will be the most supportive in assisting you to reach your financial goal. Some family members or friends may require you to sign a contract for funds borrowed. You should have them simply “show you were to sign!” Be certain to pay those funds back within terms and conditions accordingly.

Yard sales are easy to setup. Simply gather those items that still have resale value which are no longer needed, cannot be pawned or items that are no longer being used and set them out on a table in the front yard. Add signage, such as “YARD SALE”, to inform the community and passersby. It is recommended that you offer discounts with any purchases. Include balloons, music and food to draw a crowd. If you are not able to setup a yard sale, then consider stopping over at a local fleamarket to sell your goods there.

Car Rental with Security Deposit = $450.00

Loan from Family and Friends = $1,000.00

Yard Sale = $200.00

Day 4 Collected Total = $1,650.00

Tutor Kids or College Students
Tutor Kids or College Students

Have you ever tried making $10,000 in a week?

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Day 5

Today you will spend your final day helping others, while making money. Complete your quest to make $5,000 in the next five days today. Hooray! Tutoring is always necessary. Educational institutions, including colleges, are always seeking tutors. You can simply stop by or contact any local educational institution to offer your services for the day. Colleges can pay $35/hour for tutoring. Consider group tutoring sessions as well. Spend the day tutoring those who share your passions and interests.

Tutoring Services Provided = $280.00

Day 5 Collected Total = $280.00

The total cash collected from your endeavors over the past five days equate to $5,030.00. Congratulations!!! What an amazing accomplishment. Feel free to sit back and bask in your achievement for a while. Although your task allocations each day may differ, your outcome will be similar. Now challenge yourself to increase task time or quantities towards doubling your previous goal of $5,000 to $10,000 within the same amount of time. If you need cash in a hurry, this practice is a powerful strategy for obtaining necessary cash in a short period of time, while building financial stability.

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2014 S T Guy


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