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Top 5 Best Wisconsin Tax Law Attorneys Ranked

Updated on April 12, 2011
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Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

There are times when a local accountant is not enough. Serious tax issues require a competent and experienced tax attorney. CPAs and enrolled agents are trained to handle correspondence and minor field and office audits. Some CPAs and enrolled agents even specialize in appeals, abatements, and Offers in Compromise. However, only a tax attorney can represent you in Tax Court and in cases with allegations of fraud. Though not required, an experienced tax attorney is well worth the expense in other serious tax matters too, such as: Offers in Compromise (the settle for pennies with the IRS program), large assessments, and complex tax issues. I have worked with numerous tax attorneys around Wisconsin over the last twenty years in private practice as an enrolled agent. (An enrolled agent is a licensed tax professional that can represent you before the IRS.) I created a list of the best Wisconsin tax attorneys and ranked them. I considered experience, grasp of tax law, and ability to win in my ranking. I also considered how well the tax attorney can communicate with clients in an understandable way. Cost was not considered because it is impossible to determine which tax attorney is more of less expensive due to the varying nature of each case.

Here is the list, in order, of the 5 best Wisconsin tax attorneys:

Robert E. Dallman of Reinhart Law

1.) Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren S.C. Attorneys at Law

I have worked with several attorneys at Reinhart Law for several years for personal, business and client matters. Reinhart Law is a large law firm with attorneys that specialize and work together as a team to facilitate the best outcome possible. I find Reinhart Law to be friendly, reasonable, and abundant in common sense.

Robert E Dallman is their top tax attorney. His experience, knowledge, and skill serve his clients well. I am comfortable hiring Reinhart Law for any of my legal needs. When I need the best, I send my clients to Reinhart Law.

2.) Martelle Law Offices

I debated if Martelle Law Offices is the second best Wisconsin tax attorney. First, Martelle is not strictly a Wisconsin law office, they are a national firm. Second, they tend to be more of an IRS settlement law office than anything else. Having said this, Martelle provides a full range of tax solving services, from Offers in Compromise to appeals and Tax Court. Considering their wide range of legal help in the tax arena, I stand by my choice of Martelle as number 2.

3.) Bernhoft Law Firm, S.C.

This Milwaukee tax attorney is aggressive. Bernhoft Law successfully defended Wesley Snipes on several serious tax matters that would have sent Wesley Snipes to prison if Robert Bernhoft failed in his defense. Bernhoft Law could easily be number 2, but I felt most people need a lighter approach. However, if fraud is involved, Bernhoft Law is who you want to call.

4.) Byrne Law Office

Located in Wausau, Wisconsin, Byrne Law provides a full range of legal services pertaining to the IRS and taxes. Terrence J. Byrne is a CPA and attorney. Byrne and his accomplished team are perfect for consultation, set-up of a business, tax law, and estate planning. Byrne Law Office is not just a law firm for those in trouble with the IRS; they are also a resource for day-to-day tax services.

5.) The Law Office of Alf Langan

If you prefer a small law office with plenty of personal service, Alf Langan is the law office for you. Langan is comfortable working with the IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue. His emphasis on reasonable resolution allows his clients rest easy. Langan is straight forward in his approach and is perfect for the individual that wants that close and personal service.

Final Notes

The list above is not definitive. There are a lot of good Wisconsin tax attorneys. My experience colors the list. Personality can create a great or terrible work environment. Inquire about your tax issue; research potential attorneys; verify policies and cost. Taxes are serious business. The IRS plays to win and the IRS has very good attorneys. Don’t get bowled over. Build a winning team to protect yourself and your family.

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