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5 Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online Every Month

Updated on November 17, 2015

With the holidays coming up and my finances at an all time low, I've been steadily looking for ways to bring in a little bit of extra income. I've played around with apps, auction websites, and even writing articles (how about that!). Here are the best I've found (Hubpages excluded). If you have a friend or family member who uses any of these programs, I suggest getting a link from them, on a lot of occasions, the referral helps both the person giving the referral and the person getting one.

5. Bing Rewards

Bing is a decent search engine, better than Swagbucks, worse than google. But, unlike google, Bing offers rewards to use their search engine. You earn one point for every 2 searches you make, for up to 15 points a day on a desktop and up to 10 points a day on a mobile device. It costs 500 points for a $5 gift card, so if you only earned points by doing searches, it would take 20 days to earn $5. Bing also offers points for answering trivia questions, watching videos and other daily tasks.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a website and app that gives its users multiple ways to earn money, from using their search engine to earn 2 cents for every eligible search to earning 25 cents - $3.00 for taking a survey. InboxDollars also pays you to read emails, watch videos and sign up to various websites that sponsor them. You can't cash your money out until you've earned $30, which took me approximately 3 months. Those who have the time on their hands to take surveys could potentially earn more a lot quicker. Besides earning cash, you also earn lottery-esque tokens called "sweeps", you use sweeps to enter various cash sweepstakes. The surveys can get to be really tedious at times, but InboxDollars offers a lot of different ways to earn money from them.

3. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app that takes over your phone's lock screen and pays you to do so. When you go to unlock your phone, you will be greeted with a random ad, simply swipe right to unlock your phone as normal, or if you're interested in what you see, swipe left to learn more about the product or be taken to the advertiser's website. Whether you swipe left or right will not affect how much you make from Slidejoy. You will earn the most from Slidejoy if you use your phone the way you normally use it, because they use an algorithm to detect users who have abnormally high ad swipes and will lower their payments. I made between $10-$12 a month using Slidejoy and the app never became annoying or bothersome. Slidejoy has also added ways of earning more money by taking surveys, but they're not as lucrative as other survey websites and many of them seem to be fake with no real way of completing the survey to earn the money, so I mainly stick to the slider. To redeem your carats (Slidejoy currency) you can have your money deposited directly into your paypal account, or you can redeem them on tons of different gift cards, my favorite being Amazon.

2. EBay

I've made a few hundred dollars selling things I don't need on EBay the past couple of months. EBay takes a portion of your earnings and it's important to not lose money in the process of shipping your item to a customer, for example: If I sell a DVD on EBay for $3 plus free shipping, and pay the post office $1.49 for a shipping envelope and $2.64 to priority mail the DVD to the customer, I've already spent more than what I've taken in and EBay will still get a cut! That's why I purchase shipping material from my local Wal-mart, it's far cheaper than buying it from the post office and I print my shipping labels from EBay and use packing tape to attach them to the packages, this is far more cost effective. So in a new example: I sell a DVD on EBay for $2 plus $2.64 shipping. I spend $.60 on an envelope to ship the DVD and I spend $2.12 to purchase the shipping label from EBay, after EBay takes their cut, I've roughly made $1.80, on a DVD I would have only been able to sell for $.25 if I took it to a pawn shop.

1. Craigslist

If you own something you want to sell that would be preposterous to ship (a lawn mower, a dresser, a living animal, ect...) you can post that item on craigslist. The trick is to only sell items that are worth your time to show, I try to not put anything on Craigslist unless I'm going to make at least $50. People also give away things for free on Craigslist, if you own a truck and are able to cherry-pick through the listings, you can re-sell the items either to pawn/thrift stores, EBay, or put them back on craigslist. Always be careful of scammers and if you meet somewhere, it's wise to do it in a public location.


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    • sparksfiend profile image

      sparksfiend 2 years ago

      Slidejoy is the easiest of these to use, if you sign up, please use that link, it would be much appreciated!