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5 Ways To Save Money By Being Good To Your Neighbors

Updated on April 7, 2012

Have you ever thought that just by being nice to your neighbour can save you money? Well, it is really happening. Okay, you are still hesitate to believe me? Read on and you will get what i mean.

1. Internet

Nowadays, every house is hooked up with internet services. Get your next door neighbours and tell them you plan to save up money by sharing internet. Signed up for a plan (and a better & faster speed connection) and finally, get a wireless modem. This way, everyone contribute to the bill and all of you can simply save about $30 a month for internet bills. How about the cost of the router? Don’t worry as you will be able to cover the cost of it within three to four months.

2. Lawn equipment

You don’t use your lawn equipment every day right? Why don’t just share and buy a better one? By sharing, you and your neighbours can actually afford for a better lawn equipment such as a riding mower.

3. Trash pickup

Since trash are going to end up y the road side for the pick up, why on’t use the same cans or each put out one can for a two-can pickup and split the difference? Strangly but true, people reported this act actually reduce their bill from $40 something to $20 something a month.

4. Services

No contractor want to get his men and equipment back and forth (even long journeys). So why don’t offer the contractor for a two-fer deal? You might get a bigger discount by doing so. It is a win-win situation right?

5. Babysitting

The fact is simple: One baby sitter for a few kids are usually cheaper than two baby sitters for same number of kids. So why don’t discuss with your neighbour and you might just get another saving? Who knows you guys might even get a double date or even neighbourhood outing!


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