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5 Ways To Get RICH Quickly

Updated on September 4, 2015
mridulrai profile image

Mridul is an AMFI registered Investment Adviser and IRDA approved Insurance Agent. Biggest dream- A better world. Biggest passion- Life.

1. Be the rich person. Seriously, BE HIM.

Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to actually be the person that you dream of becoming. Decide what you want to be, and BE him. Be vivid, be clear and be present.. DON'T JUST IMAGINE, BE.


Why don't you walk towards it and sit inside that Audi. That Jag that Lamborghini. Softly stroke the sturdy wheel, run your fingers over the gear. Slide in the key and turn it gently, listen to the engine humming. Music isn't it? Pure, unadulterated music. This is the sound of success. You made this happen, it is yours.
Look at the fluffy clouds peeking from above the grandiose of your majestic mansion. Take a deep breath, and lose yourself in the view of this glorious monument. Take your time, God knows how hard you worked for this. Every brick of that splendid structure owes it's existence to you.
Do you see the shimmering blue water glistening in the sun? Touch it. Does your heart establish a resonance with it's ripples? Damn right it does. All that blood and sweat has now transformed into this awe-inspiring blue resplendence. You did it. You set out to make this happen, and you did.


What does it feel like being the man of your dreams? You don't feel egotistical or arrogant or lofty do you? You feel peace, right? You feel self-actualised. This is who you are, who you always wanted to be. A peaceful, untroubled person. Remember this feeling. Keep channeling this tranquility inside of you all the time. You already ARE this person, don't let your pride and disdain mislead you into being somebody else. Because the moment you convince your mind that you Are who you want to become, you set off a chain of events in the universe that are eventually going to get you there. Everything begins with the mind. Whatever you're inside, you shall be on the outside.


2. Insure, Secure, Invest.

Now that you have become the rich person, it is time for action. And this is where it gets interesting. You need to START acting like rich people. You must put your thoughts into action because otherwise, they're nothing but wishes. You must do what a rich You would do. Suppose a rich you would call his friends up and organize a booze n bikini pool party; In which case you abort mission and close this tab immediately. Come back after a couple years.

Hello there. Is it you? You're back? Omg what's cracking bro? Tell me about the party ;)

*Cough* I mean welcome, now that we're on the same page, here's what you do.

(Psst.. mail me some pictures from the party)


Since the last thing you need is bankruptcy in case of an unfortunate accident or terminal illness of a loved one or yourself, the first thing you require is a decent health cover. There are myriad articles on health insurance that you will find are both simplistic and explanatory, once you seek Guru Google's help. But in case you're a lazy bum like me, here are two that I've found pretty concise and useful.


After that has been taken care of, next up, is making your money work for you. This is extremely important because you're just one person(not to mention your already established lethargy) and your maximum threshold of quality money producing work is about 7 hours a day, before your TV and bed start pulling you with an unimaginably powerful invisible force, at which point you've also run out of damns to give about richness and greatness.

Therefore, while you still can, INVEST. I cannot even begin to tell you how important this is(as if you can't see the bold italicized font).

Get this; Quality company stocks are THE BEST generators of money. If you have successfully identified a couple of good prospects, you might as well start visiting real estate agents and car dealers. Don't forget to flood my behind with Thank you mails.
But beware, take this road ONLY if you can squeeze out enough time from your professional and personal life for fundamental and technical analysis, researching market scenarios, studying future market movement indicators and staying updated on local and global politics at all times.
The second best option is Mutual Funds. This is an opportunity where whatever I just said about you having to do in case of choosing stocks, Voila! you don't need to. Because here we give you, qualified, experienced professionals known as fund managers, equipped with fancy degrees and french cut beards already doing all that for you. So start an SIP(Systematic Investment Plan. More about that in link below.) asap and watch in amazement while the power of compounding performs absolute magic.

GO! NOW! The rest of this article can wait.


Note: If you wish to know more about mutual funds or insurance, e-mail me. I am an AMFI registered investment consultant and IRDA registered general insurance agent. I'll be genuinely happy to help you out with absolutely anything you need. And since I won't charge you or lead you on into paying me a single penny, I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear from you. :) No, that wasn't sarcasm, come on bro! *Fistbump*
E-mail ID-

3. Manage the hell out of yourself.

I know a wise man(You don't know him. Unless you're a friend of my dad and your name is Ajay Beel and you're awesome. I respect you a lot. You always have superb, clever things to say but sometimes in my head, I'm like 'ok that's about enough bro!').

So he once told me, "There's nothing called time management. The 24 hours, they are fixed. What we must manage, is ourselves." Immediately in my head I was like 'ok that's about enough bro!'. I hadn't fully understood what he meant for like 6 seconds. Finally I did and I gave him my signature 'Sir, you're the man' expression. Which he would have enjoyed if he was still there.

My point is, everyone can do One thing, the one job that they do everyday. There's nothing special about it, and unless you're exceptionally good at it, there's nothing satisfying about it either.


If you want to earn quickly, you have to work quickly. You MUST take time out to do something else beside your day job. It can be anything from online freelancing to teaching kids your favorite subject. You can take a hardware/software course and fix people's computers, buy a technical analysis book and start day trading in the stock market. You can even provide driving services for companies like Ola and Uber. Going by the current scene, I won't be surprised if driving earns you more than your day job.

Now since you're earning more, we need to establish some ground rules about spending.
Rule no. 1) Throw away your credit card. It only encourages you to spend someone else's money. How do you expect to make more when you can't even keep what you have?

Rule no. 2) Make a budget. Stick to it. Stick to it like flies on poo. This is your poo and no matter how much the world tempts you, ain't nobody gonna snatch your poo away from you(What you saying? Hell yeah dawg! Of course I'll be dropping sick rhymes like that at your party, you my broda!).


Rule no. 3) You're a man on a mission. NEVER EVER forget that. Remember the mansion? That's Gotham City and you are Batman. Don't let Gotham fall in the hands of unfitting unworthy rich-born dolts. They don't deserve it.

Rule no. 4) Read rule no. 2 again. Eminem ain't got nothin' on my rap game.

4. Reward yourself

You thought I'd deprive you of your desires in this brutal unforgiving race towards wealth? I can't do that to you. Because then halfway into the journey you'll turn around and start walking back with a particular finger up in the air mumbling a specific set of terms in my tribute, which you will then selflessly post in the comments section of whichever place you find me in this jungle of social media.
Yea, Not a fan of that.
So here's what we're going to do.

We're going to make short term goals. You are going to keep a journal where you will jot down all the necessary steps that you intend to take in order to create your very own Uncle Scrooge's money-bin.


Write down all you have to do and allot a prize to every bullet point. Now whenever you accomplish a particular task, give yourself a gift. If it was a particularly difficult one, give yourself two. Don't be extravagant, remember, a single bullet point is not your goal. Checking off all of them is. Below is a list of presents that you can give yourself to stay motivated in the path towards riches:

1. Take a vacation or weekend getaway.

2. Take a day off from any goal activities.

3. Put $1 in a jar every time you meet a goal. When it gets to $50, treat yourself.

4. See a movie.

5. Book a massage or spa treatment.

6. Do something outdoorsy.

7. Buy something for your hobby.

Source for this list:

5. Always Do Your Best.

You look at me and you think 'this guy is sensational!' but let me tell you, I did not just wake up one day and start dropping rap bombs. I had to type thousands of sentences every day to make one of them accidentally rhyme.

But seriously though, I'll tell you what our problem is. The problem with humanity is.... We do not give our best. Period. Take it to the goddamn bank.

Unless there is a prize involved, unless it is a competition and unless there's somebody breathing down our necks with a baton in his hands, we refuse to give our everything. We've got it all backwards, you know? We are so focused on what we're going to get in return, that we forget to enjoy the act itself. One hand reaching for that award, we only give half of our energy to the task, downgrading our performance and eventually losing out not only on the prize, but also on our will. This is how people live with regrets, and this is why they die with remorse.
Don't be one of them bro. You must break free. Break-effing-free!


Doing your best also involves not accepting things for the way they are. It is exceptionally important that you do not settle down. Don't give up. Never give up, never turn back, never let anyone tell you that it can't be done. Never let yourself tell you that it can't be done. The mind always chooses safety and comfort over engagement and struggle. It is a survival instinct, it's in our genes. What you have to decide is whether you own your genes or whether they own you.


Don't listen to your mind, teach it to come out of it's little corner of protection and explore the limitlessness of your desires. Go all in!

Now that you've finished reading this, do something about it.

Turn off your computer. Look inside your head. Find your soul. Come and get what belongs to you.
Stop stopping bro.
Don't wait, time will never be just right.

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that you're still here. Are you going to do something about your life?

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    • mridulrai profile imageAUTHOR

      Mridul Rai 

      3 years ago from Kolkata, India

      Yes I do know that rule. :)

      Let me know if you'd like to invest here. I'll give you names of funds that have given above expectation returns and have a solid portfolio; I'll tell you names of a few websites where you can compare funds of your choice and pick the best to suit your needs.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      WOW!!! Maybe I can open a mutual fund there!

      You know about thu Rule of 72, right? Divide 72 by your interest rste, and that tells you how many years it will take for your money to double without adding to it. At 18%, your money will double in 4 years!

      Only a fool would NOT save under those circumstances!

    • mridulrai profile imageAUTHOR

      Mridul Rai 

      3 years ago from Kolkata, India

      I cannot agree more. Did you know mutual funds in my country give average returns of 17-18%? And still people are skeptical.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Fabulous hub! Regarding mutual funds - I highly recommend them for anyone who has not taken stockbroker courses. They average 7% return, which is great in this day and age.

      The best way to earn a living is to have your money work for you.


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