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7 Unique Places Where You Can Find Free Grocery Coupons to Save Money

Updated on June 19, 2018
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Michele is a published author who loves to write on a plethora of topics including business, crafts, cleaning, family, and management.

Gather your coupons so you can start saving money on groceries!
Gather your coupons so you can start saving money on groceries! | Source


So, we’ve all heard of websites like and the extreme coupon users who save a bundle on groceries simply by using coupons, right? However, it doesn’t all happen so easily. You may save $1.00 for a product by doing some magic with coupons, discounts, match-ups, and rebates, but how much work is that?

You CAN save money by clipping coupons!
You CAN save money by clipping coupons! | Source

Do you understand all that vocabulary? I know when I first used coupons it was not nearly this complicated. Don’t get me wrong, you CAN and WILL understand and save money by using coupons if you put your mind to it. Just don’t get lost in the process!

Once you’ve made it past the vocabulary, understand the process, and are ready to match up your coupons with the sales of the week, what comes next? You need coupons of course!

Match sales and coupons to maximize savings!
Match sales and coupons to maximize savings! | Source

You probably are all too familiar with the normal places to find coupons, especially if you have been a coupon diva for a while now. For example, you can find coupons online at (beware of printing too many; the cost of ink may outweigh the savings you will receive) and you can dip into the coupons in the Sunday’s paper, so let’s look at some unique places to find the coupons you need to save that grocery money!!

Not all these places may work out the best for you, but it can’t hurt to give them a try if you are looking for the places where you can find free coupons in new places. You may have never heard of these avenues so check them out and save grocery money today!

1. Meetups, Forums, Coupon Trading Groups, or Facebook Groups/Pages

Find what coupon match-ups work best for you.
Find what coupon match-ups work best for you. | Source
  • Trading coupons can be very beneficial. Do you have cats and does your neighbor have dogs? Switch out those coupons for more personalized savings.
  • Consider joining a local meetup group for local stores.
  • Check out coupon trading forums for savings across the country.
  • Hot Coupon World has several coupon trading forums.
  • Stores that don’t have ads nor match-up websites may be represented by a group of shoppers on Facebook. A Facebook group is perfect for posting pictures of sale items, the discounted prices, and the specific location of the store that has those discounted or sale items. Also, consumers who use that page may share coupon match-ups if they are applicable to that store’s sales.

2. Peelies on Products

Look out for coupons at the store near the products you love.
Look out for coupons at the store near the products you love. | Source
  • Find these sticky coupons in the store on the products.
  • Sometimes there are tear pads with coupons next to the product that they go with.
  • Stores may have coupons in their weekly ads or in a kiosk in the front of the store.
  • Some stores provide you with valuable coupons that you can use on the same shopping trip; just scan your store reward card and watch the coupons pour out.
  • Unless otherwise stated, you can use peelies at the store trip that you find them. In other words, use the coupons on the products you are buying.

3. Manufacturers’ Websites

Surf the web for even more savings online.
Surf the web for even more savings online. | Source
  • They typically have a “coupons” or “savings” section to their website.
  • Explore their website or search for “coupons” and if you are still having trouble finding savings, use the contact section to ask them where to find coupons for their products.
  • If you are still having trouble finding the right company, consider writing a letter to the company by using the physical address that can be found on the product. This is a simple way to reach out and get some valuable coupons. See more on writing to companies below.

4. Earn Points Online

Some websites give you additional coupons or savings when you interact with them.
Some websites give you additional coupons or savings when you interact with them. | Source

Some websites, like Kellogg’s, let you earn points. The points add up to even more coupons and savings. How can you earn points on that website?

  • Upload or scan a receipt
  • Watch short videos
  • Add a loyalty card
  • Enter a bonus code (free codes that you receive in emails, texts, and social media posts)

5. Match-up Websites

Match-up websites do all the work! Check them out for the easiest ways to save!
Match-up websites do all the work! Check them out for the easiest ways to save! | Source

The coupon match-up sites are the best! They match-up the sales with the coupons that you should have from the Sunday newspapers. That’s a lot of work that is already done for you!

Did you know that you can also get most of your coupons from the match-up websites? It’s true; when reading a match-up deal, these awesome bloggers have provided, in most cases, a link to the website that has the coupon. Just click, print, and go!

6. Write to Manufacturers

You might be pleasantly surprised how companies respond to feedback.
You might be pleasantly surprised how companies respond to feedback. | Source

Consider writing to companies about their products. Send them a letter or email about how much you love, like, dislike, or hate their products.

It’s also helpful to include any identification number so they can determine what batch the product came with. This is especially helpful if there was a problem with the product. I did this once for a television dinner, and I received coupons for the full value of the cost of the product.

Whether you love or hate the product, I have found it to be most useful to write a company after you have bought the product or if you currently own the product. That way you can copy down the ID number in the letter you plan to send.

You may wish to have a letter pre-made so you just have to fill in a couple lines to make it personal. Don’t forget to include your address and the exact name and model of the product if you have it.

You don’t have to ask for coupons. I don’t, and they still send them to me. If you do ask for coupons, be sure to ask them politely and check the manufacturer’s website first to make sure they don’t already provide them for free.

Struggling with what to write? Check out this article for sample letters and guidance on what to write!

Don’t know who to write? Will they even send you coupons? Are they worth the stamp or time? Find full databases with links to the companies that you are looking for in this article.

7. Catalina Coupons

Never underestimate the coupons you may get with your receipt when you check out.
Never underestimate the coupons you may get with your receipt when you check out. | Source
  • These coupons are often only for the store that gives you the receipt. For example, CVS gives out Catalina coupons.
  • When your receipt comes out, the Catalina coupons spit out with it so save them! They can be very valuable for future purposes.
  • Be sure to cut them and store them in your coupon holder in the correct category so that you remember to use them in the future.


How do you shine as a coupon user at the grocery store?
How do you shine as a coupon user at the grocery store? | Source

What unusual place have you found coupons at? Where do you normally get your coupons at? What is the best source you know of for getting free coupons? I would love to hear your stories and experiences. Tell me about it in the comments section below.

What did you learn here?

Did you know about these locations for finding coupons before you read this article?

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What is your experience with coupons?
What is your experience with coupons? | Source

I am not a professional coupon user, though I do see the value in doing all of this, but I would love to try to answer your questions or find someone who knows more than I do, so fire away and let me know your thoughts on this money saving fun stuff!! :)

Expired or Unused Coupons?

Do you have expired coupons or ones you won’t use? Check out this article on how to donate them to our soldiers overseas!

Do you use coupons right now?

Do you use coupons?

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Here is an awesome video that may give you some insight on where to find coupons if you are wanting to add to your collection.

Other Places to Get Coupons


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  • misslong123 profile imageAUTHOR

    Michele Kelsey 

    3 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

    I'm so glad you found it useful. Did you already know of all these places? I was trying to come up with places that many people wouldn't know of since most people get their coupons in the Sunday paper or on website.

    I agree that at times you aren't saving a HUGE amount, but hey, every little bit helps and it's a good feeling to know you "beat" the store prices, right?

    I was actually going to write a hub on whether grocery coupons are worth it or not -- leaning of course to the fact that I think they are worth it. But I know there are people who think they just aren't worth the time.

    I'd love to have any other thoughts on coupon related hubs that people might be interested in. I am trying to write several hubs on the topics so that I can help others learn to use coupons and matchups to save money!

    Thanks for your input Dred Cuan!

  • dredcuan profile image

    Travel Chef 

    3 years ago from Manila

    Nice list here! I love using coupons everytime I go to groceries. Apart from getting freebies with certain items. These two can really help me save money. Maybe it wouldn't be a huge amount, but worth still can help a lot for my monthly budget.


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