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Learn How to Donate Your Expired Coupons to the Military Overseas

Updated on September 11, 2016

Did you know those in the military that are stationed overseas can still use what we consider to be expired coupons? Instead of throwing away those coupons you don’t like or won’t use, donate them to those who keep our country safe!

Also, watch for expiration dates on your coupons. When you see coupons that are past their prime, don’t trash them! Follow one of the methods below and do a good deed by donating expired coupons to the military!

Learn the steps on how to donate your expired coupons to the military who are stationed overseas!
Learn the steps on how to donate your expired coupons to the military who are stationed overseas! | Source

Why donate your expired coupons?

  • Instead of frustration that you missed out on great coupons when they expired, you can donate them!
  • It’s a way to show support for our military!
  • Many military families overseas are only supported by one income, the military member of the household; they could really use our support financially and this is a great (and inexpensive) way to help them out!
  • Connect with the military overseas in a thoughtful and generous way.
  • It may make you want to join other charitable causes and start volunteering in your spare time.

The benefits of donating coupons

  • Great feeling of doing charity in a special way from the comfort of your own home!
  • You are helping a family that really needs the help because they aren’t paid enough; the service pay rates are no longer below poverty level thankfully, but they are still very low.
  • Helps reduce your clutter by making you sort relevant coupons!
  • You can know in your heart that the recipients of your package greatly appreciate your assistance!
  • Great cause – spend your time doing something that makes you feel good!

Cut Your Coupons!

Cut your coupons today and help our soldiers!
Cut your coupons today and help our soldiers! | Source

Easy Steps to Follow

Simple Steps

Pretty easy thing to do!

How to donate your coupons

Steps for donating via the Krazy Coupon Lady:

  1. Cut your coupons (all coupons you plan to send should be neatly cut)
  2. Sort or organize your coupons
  3. Find all of your expired coupons or unused ones
  4. Separate them by non-food and food (Hint: food is something we eat, but not our pets)! Certain health foods also count as food, like gum, candy, and nutritional shakes. However, vitamins would fall in the non-food category.
  5. Place the two categories of coupons into two different LABELED zip lock bags. (The labels on the bags should say FOOD and NON-FOOD).
  6. Mail them monthly to a base you adopt or to Support our Troops mailing address or follow the instructions on the Overseas Coupon Program website here.

Separate Your Coupons for the Military

Learn the steps to donate your expired coupons!
Learn the steps to donate your expired coupons! | Source

Steps for donating via the Overseas Coupon Program:

The instructions for donating expired coupons via the Overseas Coupon Program are clearly laid out on their website. All of the links to each item are provided on their website. I will quickly walk you through the steps, but I do recommend just going to their website for more specific guidelines. You can contact the website here.

  1. Choose a BASE from the BASE page that wishes to be adopted.
  2. Follow the instructions of the ADOPTION page to officially adopt a base.
  3. Read over the FAQ’s page for instructions on how to collect and prepare your coupons for mailing.
  4. MAIL the coupons using the information found on the MAILING page.
  5. Report your DOLLAR totals using information from the REPORTING page.

Which coupons should you donate?

Learn about which coupons to donate
Learn about which coupons to donate | Source

Which coupons you should donate

  • Pet coupons
  • Medical that you won’t use
  • Expired coupons
  • Female products
  • Baby products
  • Foods you do not like or eat
  • Products you will not use

DO’s and DO NOT’s when donating coupons

  • DO donate expired coupons that are six months past their expiration date.
  • DO send manufacturer’s coupons.
  • DO ENSURE you have attached the correct amount of postage on your package or else it will be returned to sender (You!).
  • DO NOT send store coupons (i.e. CVS or Walgreens coupons).
  • DO NOT send restaurant coupons (i.e. Burger King or Olive Garden)

Frequent Q’s and A’s

Question: What is the minimum amount of coupons you can donate at a time?

Answer: There is no minimum. However, for sorting and labor purposes, the Krazy Coupon Lady has requested that you save up and only send them monthly to make it easier on their volunteers. Thanks!

Question: Why do I have to sort the coupons into two different categories?

Answer: Most military bases have two types of stores: a PX (typically Army) or BX (typically Air Force) and a Commissary (their grocery store. The BX/PX is more like Wal-Mart; it has a wide variety of non-food items, like appliances, electronics, and toys.

Question: Is this tax deductible?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. This is not considered a tax deductible charity for the IRS. This is a patriot charity where you are supporting the military and their families in a unique and thoughtful way.

Question: If you have other questions about this program that have not been answered in this article, the Overseas Coupon Program is happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.

Answer: Contact the Program by visiting the website at:

Mail Your Expired Coupons

Mail your coupons today!
Mail your coupons today! | Source

When do you need to mail your coupons?

Although they can use coupons that have expired up to six months ago, due to the travel time it takes to actually get the package with coupons to the supported family and the correct military base, please only send coupons that are over 30 days expired.

Did you know (before this article) that you could donate your expired or unused coupons?

See results

Where to mail your coupons

If you wish to mail your coupons to the Krazy Coupon Lady who will gladly pass your package along, use this address:

Support our Troops ®

P.O. Box 70

Daytona Beach, FL


If you wish to use the ADOPT A BASE option through the Overseas Coupon Program, follow these instructions:

Obtain a PRIORITY MAIL pouch or box.

Place BASE ADDRESS (base page) and your RETURN ADDRESS on the mailer.

Fill our customs form 2976-A

Take it to a Post Office and MAIL. Easy Peasy!

Example of an expired coupon

Use your expired coupons as a donation to the military rather than to your trash can!
Use your expired coupons as a donation to the military rather than to your trash can! | Source


Hopefully by now you have been convinced that donating coupons to the military is a positive and exciting way to support those who protect us with their lives by participating in this worthy cause! You may even find those warm fuzzies as you do this good deed and start to look into doing other similar causes or charities.

In my life, I began as a hobby doing a charity I found online. Every spare moment I had, I devoted it to that charity. I found more charities that I could do from the comfort of my own home. I only recently discovered this cause (donating expired coupons), but I have grown to care about it very much. Doing good deeds gives me the warm fuzzies, and I consider it the gift that keeps on giving!

A Great Video on this Program

Details about Video:


WEWS NewsChannel5
October 8, 2012


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