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8 Fun Ways to Make Extra Money Over the Summer

Updated on July 18, 2017

If you are college student, teen, mom or someone looking to make some extra money for the summer, here are some ways to work, have fun and experience different things.

Summer Camp

Working at a summer camp is a great way to make a difference in many kids lives. There are many different summer camps, from sports camp, educational camps, art camp, Christian camps, computer camps, adventure camps, day camps and a lot more. At a summer camp, you can devote your time to working as a counselor, instructor or a director. There can be many challenging things at summer camp, but it can also be a fun to engage in many activities and make a vast difference.

Get a Job as a Lifeguard

If you love the water and the beach, swim well, certified in CPR, certified lifeguard, have great swimming skills, then consider working as a lifeguard. If you have never lifeguard before, then you will have to successfully complete CPR class, attend lifeguard course and pass a lifeguard certification exam. You can inquire for lifeguard jobs at public pools, beach areas, country clubs and water parks.

Work at a Beach Resort

Beach Resorts are where most people go to for the summer. It is very refreshing to work in a place close to the beach. Jobs at a beach resort include front desk clerk, reservation consultant, housekeeping, guest services, lifeguard, working at the restaurant, host and many other positions.

Teach Young Children

If you are an excellent swimmer, dancer or good at gymnastic, you can teach young children swimming lessons, dance lessons, and gymnastics.

Work at a Theme Park/Amusement Park

If there is an amusement park close to where you live, then look into some jobs that are available. Some jobs in amusement and theme parks can include ride operators, food vendors, ticket sellers, ticket takers, parking attendants, game booths, managerial and supervisor positions.

Be a Tour Guide

If you want to experience new things in your town, in other states or abroad, then consider being a tour guide. Tour Guides can entail being giving tours on a nature trail, river rafting guide, being a guide at local museums, historical libraries, historical homes, popular aquariums and other famous tourist attractions.

Garage Sale/Flea Markets

Garage Sales are a wonderful way to earn some extra money for the summer. Look through all your stuff you do not want or really use anymore and sell it. You can ask your friends and neighbors if they have anything they do not use anymore and will like to get rid of. You can sell those items. You can also rent a booth at an indoor or outdoor flea market and sell your items.

Car Wash

You can have a car wash at a designated spot few times weekly and get a few friends to help you. Advertise online and post signs.


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      Janellegems 4 years ago from United States

      I am pleased that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for commenting.

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      Monop 5 years ago

      These is my favorite type of personal finance article: upbeat, proactive, and giving useful ideas people might not immediately consider themselves. Good work.