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9 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Cell Phone Right Now

Updated on February 18, 2017
4 stars for Making Money from Cellphones

Do you have a cell phone? I am sure you do. So why not make your smartphone work for you? It’s so very smart after all. Keeping up with cell phone costs can be quite cumbersome, as every month a new bill is due. Shouldn’t cell phone services be free by now? Free cell phone service will probably not happen anytime soon, but here you will find ways to transform the burden of cell phone costs into “cell phone profit margins”.

There are ample ways you can make money from your smartphone. The top four benefits of using your cell phone to make some extra cash: 1) you take your phone with you everywhere you go; 2) your phone is always on; 3) there are numerous features and functions available to you from your phone, and; 4) you’re always on your phone anyway, right?!?! Cell phones should pay for themselves. Here are nine efficient ways to make your smartphone pay its own monthly bills!

1. Take quality pictures. Online services such as will pay you for your quality pictures. The camera feature on your smartphone will allow you to capture rare moments of photography bliss. Being in the right place, at the right time, under the right circumstances will allow you to photograph rare opportunities and phenomena (i.e. a marriage proposals, celebrity sightings, cosmic events, etc.). Certain news and media services, such as local newspapers and online news feeds, are willing to pay substantially for each clear, news-worthy photograph.

2. Video record events. Every day there are events and happenings taking place all around the world. In our present information age, people tend to prefer video footage instead of reading about these various events. Video recording events (i.e. public performances, local parades and festivals, wedding ceremonies, speeches and presentations, etc.) are great ways to earn some extra cash with your cell phone. Video blogs on websites such as, for example, will allow you to earn from your regular video footage posted. Sites such as will allow you to create your own channel for video blogging once you have developed a substantial follower base. You can also create music videos, which tend to draw high online traffic. Be certain to adjust the video recording feature’s specifications, quality and functionality on your cell phone to effectively capture the event being recorded. Quality event-recording may lead to referrals and regular income into the future.

Cell Phone Image of Russian Fireball
Cell Phone Image of Russian Fireball

Russian Fireball 2013 Cell Phone Video Footage

3. Become a visitor tour guide. The satellite maps and GPS features on your cell phone can locate almost any place in your local vicinity. As visitors stop into your town or city, offer them precise and detailed directions to various destinations, sites and landmarks. Since providing this service is usually considered a common courtesy to visitors, allow visitors to tip you for your services (i.e. a tip jar) as they deem appropriate. Being out in the sun or rain all day providing directions is not an easy task at all. Yet still, never forget to be friendly and smile.

4. Sell high-demand hotspot services. Continuous access to the internet is becoming vital in our high-tech society. The World Wide Web beckons to any curious mind. Many people use the internet daily to check emails, update websites, collect payments, bank online, etc. As individuals travel, especially into more rural areas, access to internet connection becomes scarce or interrupted. Consider offering individuals quality internet connectivity or hotspot services through your smartphone whenever necessary. You can charge a simple fee per connection for a period of time. Most individuals will appreciate being able to connect at all.

5. Proofread papers. From your smartphone’s document reader, you can proofread or edit most .doc –formatted documents. Have your clients email to you their Microsoft Word papers (preferably). While traveling or in your spare time, download the documents onto your cell phone to begin proofreading. Feel free to make any adjustments to your customer’s paper using a text in a different color, size or font. Simply save the proofed file and resend the paper to your clients by email. Customers can pay you online for services by using websites such as While this money-making endeavor can provide substantial and regular streams of income, keep in mind that the work may be very time-consuming. Also, be certain that you are qualified to proofread the papers and works of other individuals beforehand to ensure that you can provide a quality and efficient service.

6. Become a professional telephone answering service. Consider partnering with local travel agencies to establish your own telephone answering service from your cell phone. Small business owners, celebrity entertainers and executives who may be traveling or unavailable may need someone to answer their clients’ or business phone calls at any given time. When clients and vendors are highly paying an entertainer, for example, for their particular services, they prefer to speak to a representative for that entertainer as opposed to a voice mail system. Telephone answering services allow business owners and other principals to maintain a professional public presentation at all times. Your clients can pay you a fixed fee or variable rate per month (or year) for your telephone answering services. Keep in mind that some telephone answering services operate 24 hours/7 days a week. Be certain that your lifestyle can accommodate such demanding hours. Click on this link for more information on starting a professional telephone answering services.

Creating a Mobile Hotspot with your Cell Phone

Party in a Parking Lot
Party in a Parking Lot

7. Create a valuable information thread. Text messages can be blasted (sent) to the smartphones of numerous individuals at the same time. Consider creating a high-demand information thread to communicate daily with individuals from your contact list. You can blasts text message alerts to your contacts concerning any important and necessary information, such as blogs, events, pictures, important announcements, etc. Consider specializing the subject matter of your text messages (i.e. newly published medical journals, impromptu events and occurrences, political announcements, your child’s school alerts to parents, etc.). You can even research content for your thread on your smartphone. Certain social media sites also provide applications to facilitate these services. Interested followers or individuals can pay a fee to join your text message thread, while staying informed on topics important to them and their families.

8. Become an event powerhouse. The calendar feature on your phone allows you to manage all the details pertaining to local events. Become the point person for all events in your community or organization. Simply allow individuals to sign up for your service where they can pay a fee at signup or pay monthly rates for continuous event information. You can blast events daily to your members. Be certain to do your due diligence. Maintaining such a huge warehouse of event data requires an individual to be diligent, organized, detailed and well-connected to media and social networks. You may also be required to increase the data storage on your smartphone to optimize your calendar features and take advantage of this powerful, money-making opportunity.

9. Have a party anywhere! All you may need to have a party anywhere includes: 1) a long music playlist; 2) a quick stop at the closest grocery store for snacks and drinks, and; 3) people – as many people as you can find. The music player feature on your cell phone will allow you play loud music through the phone’s speakers. Maximizing the sound function by plugging the cell phone into an indoor audio system or a car’s stereo system will set a tone and environment comparable to any other type of party or get-together known. You can request donations from attendees for providing food to make a few extra dollars from your festivities. Enjoy!

By using these practical money-making opportunities, you can now officially say goodbye to forking over cash every month to pay for your cell phone bill. Use any or all of these strategies to cover your monthly smartphone’s bill. More importantly, you can use these strategies to generate some cash for you and your family as well.


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    • Happymommy2520 profile image


      10 months ago from East Coast

      Great hub. These are some very interesting ways to make $ with your cell phone. Do you do any of these? If so, which ones work best for you?


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