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A cheap cell phone plan

Updated on July 20, 2010

Cell phones

A cheap cell phone plan: TracFone

Cell phones are everywhere!

People are using and abusing cell phones. You see people talking on cell phones in grocery stores, in retail stores, in the mall, at work and even while driving!

Personally I don't think cell phones were intended to be used as they are these days. I think cell phones were intended to be used for emergencies and short conversations and definitely not to be used while you are driving.

TracFone has an excellent cheap cell phone plan. The TracFone plan will give you the security of having a cell phone without the expense. You can buy a cell phone for as little as $15. You will then need to add minutes. TracFone has several different plans available. You can simply go to most retail stores, buy a phone card and add the minutes to your phone. The most popular cards are 30 minutes for 45 days at a price of $9.99; 60 minutes for 90 days at a cost of $19.99 and 400 minutes for 1 year at a cost of $99.99.

They also have available a double minutes card for $49.99. What this card does is double the minutes that you are buying. If you buy this card along with the 1 year card, you will get 800 minutes for 1 year at a cost of $139.99. What this comes out to is $15 for a cell phone and $139.99 for your cell phone minutes. A total cost of $154.99 before taxes for 1 year worth of cell phone service. That is less than $13 per month! That also includes buying a new phone very year, which you should not need to do.

TracFone will keep you mobile with your phone and save you money over your current provider. It can also be good for teenagers as it will force them to keep their cell phone conversations to a minimum.

If you want to save money, TracFone is a plan that you should consider.


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