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American Equity Investment Review

Updated on January 4, 2012

American Equity is a company that provides a full line of tax deferred retirement accumulation products. Their financial products are designed to provide a flexibility of wealth accumulation opportunities, income choices and safety. No single product fits everyone's needs and they encourage you to talk to one of American Equity's qualified, independent agents about the right product for your future.

Financial Products:

1. Traditional Fixed Interest Rate Annuities

2. Fixed Indexed Interest Rate Annuities

3. Life Insurance

Their website has information, tutorials and investment tools, including a

Fixed Interest Rate Calculator

Create your own fixed-interest annuity and see, on an easy-to-print graph, what your retirement future has to hold for you.


Triple Compounding Solutions.

One of the primary advantages of deferred annuities is the opportunity to accumulate a substantial sum of money by allowing your premium and interest to grow tax-deferred. Interest earned on your American Equity annuity is not currently taxable by the federal or state government until you choose to make a withdrawal. This is the key difference between an annuity and other taxable financial vehicles. As with any financial instrument it is important to consult with your CPA or other qualified professional before making any decisions. As one product may be a nice fit into one person's financial or retirement portfolio, it may not be an appropriate course of action for the next person. Do your homework to determine your best path.

5000 Westown Parkway #440

West Des Moines, IA 50266

(515) 221-0002

(888) 221-1234

A.M. Best's Ratings

A rating of "A-" (EXCELLENT) for American Equity is a measure of performance in the areas of...

  • Investment Quality
  • Policy Reserves
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Cost Control
  • Management Experience

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