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American Express Zync

Updated on November 7, 2011
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Dohn121 is a freelance writer who currently resides at the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains of New York's famed Hudson Valley.

American Express Zync is a new charge card from American Express. Offering a variety of "Packs," individuals can build their own unique American Express Zync card to match their lifestyle. In addition, American Express Zync is also a great card for those who are just starting out or are attempting to rebuild their credit.

A Great Card If You're Just Starting Out

I remember when I first started college years back. In front of the entrance and along the walkway to the college book store was a congregation of credit card representatives eager to sign me up for a new credit card. They enticed me with coffee mugs, T-shirts, pens, and host of other favors ready for me to take back to my dormitory if only I applied to their respective credit card companies. So, like any able-body college student, I succumbed to their invitation and got myself a credit card or two or three...I was invigorated to know that I would soon be in possession of plastic for which I can use to buy whatever my heart desired. That is until the bills came that I couldn't afford to pay. It wasn't long before I those same bills turned into collection letters from various companies and phone calls from distant states (some of the reps had Southern accents). Before I knew it, I had arrived on the Land of Bad Credit.

But that was then and this is now: I completed my college education, got a solid job, repaid all that I owed and am now in the process of buying a house--just as soon as my credit is good enough and have enough saved for the down payment. I wrote a hub on doing just that here if you like, so please take a look: How to Save Money For a House So as soon as my credit was indeed good enough, having gotten out of default status by paying back my student loans and financed a new car, I applied for an American Express Zync online and held my breath. A few minutes later, the most improbable thing happened: I got accepted.

If you are like me--either the old me as a freshman in college or the current me rebuilding his credit--I would definitely encourage you to apply for an American Express Zync. Please keep in mind that this is a charge card rather than a credit card which you pay what you owe over the course of months and years so your full balance must be repaid at the end of each month. So why go Zync? Here are just some of the benefits:

The Benefits of Going Zync

  • Get 10,000 Membership Rewards Express bonus points after first purchase
  • No interest – you pay in full each month
  • Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty
  • Earn points on eligible purchases
  • Customize your Card with Packs
  • Low annual Card fee of $25

Your 10,000 Membership Reward Points can be used immediately after your first purchase. I would suggest using it on something electronic like a cell phone, iPod, or computer to make the most out of your points. Such items in turn, would then be protected through American Express's Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty.

The Membership Rewards Express Program

Membership earns you 1 point for every eligible dollar you spend. In addition, your points have neither a cap nor an expiration so you can spend your points whenever you so choose. American Express Zync holders will enjoy a host of exclusive offers from over 300 brands online where they can earn up to 10x points every day through purchases which includes Staples, the Apple Store, Newegg, Macy's, 1-800-FLOWERS, Sears, J.Crew,, Bloomingdales,, and Nike.

Moreover, when you book travel via the American Express Travel website you'll enjoy 2x or 3x Membership Rewards points or on eligible purchases in certain categories when you sign up for select Lifestyles Packs. I go into detail about each "Pack" that American Express Zync offers.

American Express Zync Packs

American Express Zync offers "Packs" in which members can pick and choose from to fit their unique lifestyle. Some packs are free but most are not, ranging anywhere from $5 a year to $25 a year. Here are all of the "Packs" that American Express Zync has to offer:

Go Pack - $20/Year

If you're a traveler, this is the pack for you. Loaded with unique rewards, travel discounts and support whilst away from home, the Go Pack rewards you for every mile you travel, like 2x points on airfare purchases, a $50 credit when you book a trip through American Express Vacations, up to 25% off at Avis and Budget when you book your rental vehicle and 20% off at Hertz, including 2 days of free GPS when you rent a car for 3 days or longer.

Eco Pack - $0/Year

Free of charge, the Eco Pack rewards you for "living green." Whenever you shop at Eco-friendly stores, American Express will reward you by giving you 2x Membership Rewards points when you shop at over 5,000 select green merchants not to mention full-access to eco-concierge at Greentopia where you can get all your green related questions answered.

You can visit the their site by clicking here.

Restaurant Pack - $25/Year

For those of you who love to dine out, this pack is a must. Just for signing up you'll receive a $5 gift certificate from each of the following restaurants: Dunkin' Donuts, Cold Stone Creamery, and The Shake Shack. Some of the select restaurants include Lettuce Entertain You, Seasons 52, and Morton's the Steakhouse where you'll receive special discounts when you use your card. To top it off, you'll receive a $20 gift certificate to Seasons 52 when you spend $50 or more and 2x points whenever you dine out.

Family Travel Pack - $0/Year

One the best incentives of becoming an American Express member is that they are peerless when it comes to customer service. Whenever you call their customer service line, you'll be sure to get a live person rather than a teleprompter. So when you're ready to plan a vacation, a specialist will help to organize your trip to help get you a group discount, get seating so your group or family are together, and get your rooms so that they are adjoined. One of the best perks is that kids stay, play, and eat for free!

Vegas Pack - $10/Year

I try to "pay homage" to Las Vegas every year. I wrote a Hub article on such right here on HubPages titled, Viva Las Vegas Vacation if you're interested. For those of you who are like me, a $10 investment to get the Vegas Pack is definitely worth it. Members enjoy a 25% savings on deluxe rooms at the MGM Grand, The Mirage hotels, and a 30% discount at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. While at the MGM Grand, you'll enjoy a $25 spa and entertainment credit and $30 food and $15 credit at The Mirage. In addition, get exclusive offers to clubs, events, shows and more at

Style Pack - $15/Year

The Style Pack includes such perks as bonus points for shopping, exclusive access to private sales, and Enhanced Style Return Protection on certain merchandise up to $600 (up from $300). Benefits include 2x Membership Rewards points and a free one-year subscription to Lucky Magazine (a $12 value) which includes exclusive deals and discounts and style advice from Alpha Shoppers. The Style Pack is basically free of charge--at least for the first year as a one-time $15 statement credit is given through Gilt Groupe including an ongoing $10 statement credit on cumulative purchases of $125.

Give Back Pack - $0/Year

The Give Pack is consistent with American Express Zync's support of charitable causes. By sharing their willingness to help others, American Express Zync will reward you with bonus points for volunteering and donating to charity. Members will receive 1,000 Membership Rewards points for each logged hour of Members Project from American Express and TakePart. You'll also receive 1 Membership Reward point for every dollar spent through when using your American Express Zync card.

Connect Pack - $20/Year

For those of you that are techies, the Connect Pack is may just be the right "Pack" for you. American Express Zync members will enjoy 2x Membership Reward points on mobile phone, cable, broadband, and internet access service when you use your card. Chances are, you're already paying for this via check, debit, or otherwise so why not enroll and pay for it with your Zync card and get rewarded for doing so?

Home Pack - $15/Year

If you are a builder, fixer, or do-it-yourselfer, then this is the pack for you. Now you can reward yourself with 2x Membership Reward points each and every time you use your card on home repairs and home improvements at home furnishing retailers such as Lowe's. Members will receive a $20 Gift Certificate from Lowe's their first year and every year after whenever they renew their subscription. In addition, they'll receive a $15 Gift Certificate from Lowe's for every $150 they spend while using their American Express Zync card.

Personal Finance Pack - $0/Year

Just like the Eco Pack, Family Pack, and Give Back Pack, the Personal Pack is free of charge from American Express. Receive free financial advice, including how to plan and maintain your budget. Members will have access to Money Manager, a convenient user-friendly budgeting tool which will help to manage your finances with just a password. While there, you'll get expert financial advice from The Smart Cookies, all free of charge!

Music Pack - $5/Year

For only $5 a year, members will be rewarded for purchasing tickets to shows and concerts, including early access to ticket sales. Members will enjoy 2x Membership Rewards points on select ticket vendors like Ticketmaster. Some of the many vendors include Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Terminal 5, The Wellmont Theatre, Club Nokia in LA, and Nokia Theatre Times Square in NYC. In addition, members will have access to purchase special VIP for some of the most popular music festivals through the course of the year.

Health and Fitness Pack - $15/Year

Reap the rewards of living healthy and keeping fit with the Health and Fitness Pack! Earn 2x Membership Rewards points on gym and fitness club membership purchases all across the country. Included with your subscription is the Fitbit Tracker ($99 value) which tracks the the amount of time you sleep, the calories you burn, the steps you take and the distance you travel to help optimize your progress on the road to getting fit! When purchasing the Fitbit Tracker, members will receive a $10 credit on their statement and in addition, save 10% on an annual Fitbit Premium membership.

Beauty and Spa Pack -$5/Year

American Express Zync members will gain access to exclusive spa deals, save on spa gift certificates, receive great deals on luxury skincare products and much more. Just for enrolling, you'll receive $10 gift card. As a member you'll receive 10% off all purchases on over 250 different brands. And if you like, you can give the gift of luxury for less at, your one-stop-shop for gift certificates for beauty, nail, hair, salons and day spas across the United States.

Interested in American Express Zync?

You can click here to apply

Overall, if you are indeed looking for a charge card that is chock-full of Rewards and Benefits that you can customize to suit your lifestyle or are looking for a card to help improve or repair your credit, this just might be the card for you. I hope that this article has helped you in your search.

Thank you for reading!

Wes Anderson American Express Commercial


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