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Apply for Michigan Food Stamps Online

Updated on February 23, 2012

Michigan Food Stamps Application Online

Looking for access to eligibility for the Michigan Food Assistance Program or FAP? Keep reading to learn how to apply online for the food benefit and assistance in the state of MI. You can access eligibility requirements and qualifications and be able to determine if you are eligible to qualify for food stamps in MI. You can login to your MI Bridges account and signon to manage the application process. To login to MI Bridges is quick and secure with your user id and password. After you use the self screening questionnaire to determine your MI dhs food stamp assistance eligibility you can access the online application and apply for the Michigan food stamp program.

The application process should only take about 30 minutes, per the instructions on the website, but if you do need to stop the application process before it is completed, you will be able to login again and complete the app at a later time. The MI Bridges program is at: Persuse all of the information, applications and resources provided to ensure that you understand the benefit process.

Apply for Michigan Food Stamps Online

Michigan Food Stamps

The DHS or Department of Human Services determines the eligibility requirements for their food assistance programs. Typically, eligibility for food assistance depends on the financial situation of all the members of a household. All persons who live together and purchase and prepare food together are considered to be members of the same food assistance group. This is taken into consideration when determining if one is eligible.

You can also view your case at anytime. Login and signon to your FAP and state MI Bridges account and you can review your case, check eligibility, apply for food assistance benefits, check your benefits and report any changes. The food stamp page is at, for access to theEligibility for Food Assistance Program, FAP.

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